Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Mr Kamara ft Praiz - I no use u play ft shaydee

I have a feeling that I'm now intolerant to milk.
A few days of a little milk in my diet and I get quite painful cramps.
I have them now. without the milk I was fine.
Stress cramps my stomach, but I'm not particularly stressed, busy, but not stressed ( I don't think so anyway)
My mum suggested I try Almond milk. ( she's speaking to me abit..just enough to showcase she still wants me alive:)) it doesn't sound appetizing, but I'll give it a go.
No more Coco Pops
No more Crunchy Nut Cornflakes
No more PG Tips
No more occasional Sugar Puffs
No more Porridge...... for me

Yes,ermm, I do enjoy a very adult breakfast... Yo...bite me :)

What boring breakfasts will I have henceforth?
I could go old skl and have hardfood for breakfast.. you know.. food food. ( like a small dinner)
As it stands I shouldn't complain. I'll enjoy my mint tea, and get something later.
..yeah.. yum.
To be honest, come to think of it, i'm really keen to have my time off . I'm trying to keep my focus , but my mind keeps diverting to he who has given me his name
perhaps that's what ails me
I have no leave entitlement for awhile... and I have a few things to sort
Awwwww.. Dawna.. concentrate. get to work

My father in law may be in London this week. Ooo.. I'm a little nervous lol!.
I think he's great .. the best-est father in law ever..he's very smart, plus he made his son :)

Happy Tuesday allx
Love you too Mr Kamara


  1. Sorry about your milk allergies. Almond milk is good. So is coconut milk and soy milk (Silk Milk). Hope those work for you.

  2. I forgot about Coconut!.. i'll try the almond then coconut. Many thanks Sherry