Monday, 4 May 2015

On name changes & being Mrs K

I thought I'd try out my married name in my Blog header for a day and see what it's like.
I'll be making the switch come December after our registry wedding so thought.. hmmmm.. what does it look like, and how does it feel.
As nobody can see it here ( hahaa) I thought where better to display my new monitor than where it matters most. No , not my pay check.. but right here where my thoughts are 'sanctified'

Yes, my ego is on form today.

The sun is actually blessing us with a little heat, I, like everyone else in the UK , have a day off, and I'm feeling less 'emotional' as my hormones realign once more.
So...what do you think, cute isn't it?
I like it
I think it suits me.

I was also playing around with my template and blog colour so much that I forgot what I had before, but decided I still liked it. I can't remember it fully (duh) but this is close.
I like a reddish look right now... it's hot & fiery
Like me on occasion.

I jest of course :)

Someone asked me If I'll be changing my name, and I said of course.
I love Mr K so why not?.

My Lee name was my fathers step fathers name. My mother adopted the name Lee upon marriage. There are many 'Lee's' in Montserrat. Just as there are many 'Kamara's' in Sierra Leone.
There is only 1 Mr K though, and only 1 me.

Anyway... it's here for the day.. until such time

Portland Jamaica looks beautiful


  1. Your new name flows off the tongue! Lovely.

    1. heehe.. indeed.. it's kinda sweet! :)