Sunday, 25 February 2018

Dexta Daps- Weak To You

The Poverty Paradox: Why Most Poverty Programs Fail And How To Fix Them | Efosa Ojomo | TEDxGaborone

Weekend WOW Factor: Tiwa Savage - Get It Now

I love this sooo much
Woo hooo!

Weekend WOW Factor - Catching Up on Zuma and The Rising Cost of Living

Yes it's the weekend.
my pride and joy being the purchase of 1 new garden broom!

Those of you who know me, know that I have a passion for gardening, and you may also know I can often neglect my passion, especially during the winter months.

It's an on-going battle I face, however, I do believe my woes will be solved by the purchase of a fire pit.
Yes I am hoping that a blazing fire will warm my garden during the cold season and I will be able to do I what I enjoy most..
sit outside
( when I get a chance to sit that is)

Speaking of purchases, this little lot cost me £25

and this little lot, 3 bags of fruit and veg,..

Cost £35
last year the fruit and veg would have cost me £15 at most
and the little selection of toiletries.. approx £12

I swear London is trying to kill my vibe!

What is gods name is going on with our economy that the price of goods can double or triple in a year?
For many of us, our salaries are not as buoyant as they could or even should be

I'll tell you something funny about Brexit
what started as a conversation on immigration and the free movement of people, has turned into a discussion on trade and the single market

The number of European migrants has apparently fallen to record lows since Brexit but immigration from outside of the EU has risen
I'm not sure how much I believe that as I come across more and more Europeans every since day. However, those are the stats [click]

It's a sad day when you cannot trust your leaders
Politicians are simply not being honest
xenophobia was the fuel that oiled the Brexit campaign, but attention will be shifted to non europeans once more.
I'm sure some people simply can't survive without racism
their world would come crashing down

'We are not Sheep!'

I took a picture of my daily communte
This was Highbury Stn during rush hour when the guards decided to only open one gate

Time to invest in the expansion of Highbury and Isligton station, before someone snaps!
I promise it won't be me :)
I hate crowds at the best of times but there's little worse than being crammed in with no personal space
Whose idea was it that the working day has to begin at around the same time?


I didn't get to say much about Jacob Zuma's resignation; other than, the King is dead long live the King
as that Cyril fella is no better
just you wait and see..

Day 1 - "I aint leaving..look how handsome I am.."

Day 2 "motherf****s wanna get me out?"

Day 3 - I've made enough money anyway, times up.

Yes Mr President, My brother. It is.

Jacob Zuma had become an embarrassment. It's a low blow when leaders like this use the white minority rule conversation and talk about their revolutionary struggle to tug at your heart strings, and disguise their own wrongdoing, and exploitation of their own people.
I'm not sure what happened to him, but as often is the case, many start out well, yet succumb to power in the worst of ways.
Jacob Zuma lacked discipline. Yes, a corrupt and greedy man, as even though he has multiple wives, still felt the need to sex his best friends young daughter and try and hide it

You simply cannot trust a man like that with any national budget
(or your wife)
Zuma had to go.

The ANC has lost credibility as a political party and I'm not sure they can ever regain it.


The look you give when you hear Zuma ( and all others like him) speak

Sunday, 11 February 2018

Weekend WOW Factor: Pt 2. Women In Music. Simi - One Kain & Seyi Shay - Bia

As a further tribute to Ms Ebony, please enjoy these two fine artists.
Both unique in sound and style.
My girls have dominated the sound waves this weekend

Well... that's just how we roll

Wonderful fusion with Cuban influences
Back to the root.
Africa baby!

Simi Simi Simi, I've had this on reply for so long, so it's a joy to have the accompanying visuals.
Quality music from a quality artist.

Weekend WOW Factor: Ebony Reigns

Ghanaian music suffered a huge loss just days ago, with the unfortunate death of Ebony Reigns, popular Ghanian Reggae/Dancehall Singer.
Condolences go out to her family and friends

A shocking and fatal car crash which cost the lives of three young people, and left many in shock and disbelief.

So today in part 2, in honour of Ebony I wanted to feature some of our finest( and possibly lesser known across the water) female singers.

Female artists have a lot to navigate undoubtedly, as in life, more than men, yet despite that, they continue to shine, add colour, sassiness, sexiness strength, vulnerability, and balance

Ebony was known as a Reggae dancehall singer. Her raunchy stage antics provoking some criticism, but anyone who know dancehall.. Jamaican reggae dancehall, will know that it's all part of the game.

The impact it has had on Jamican society however, is for another post

But Ebony (like many female artists) had depth. Many use the twerking etc as a route in, as Its popular, attracts attention and can provide a decent income. It's pop culture.

Reggae Dancehall is becoming increasingly popular across Africa, bridging the gap between the continent, and the Caribbean; bringing people together who were cruelly separated, and trained systematically to despise each other.

I liked that she had dreads. Nice to see an African woman rocking her natural hair on the continent. Break the mould a bit.
We've had enough of the 'Kardashian effect'

The American influence on Africa has been great
but the continent is fighting back, and it's artists like Ebony, who are at the forefront of this cultural revolution

So alas, her time was short..
but rest in peace Ebony
Long may you reign.