Monday, 22 January 2018

Sunday, 21 January 2018

Chilled Sunday

A Sunday spent catching up on things, housework I haven't had time to do all week, and checking out some tunes
My Havana

This one is so cool calm and nice

'plenty blessings follow you.. plenty blessings follow me..'

to you all x

Still in love with this one
What can I say.. it's sweet

Weekend WOW Factor: Fulani Herdsmen Vs Farmers.. What's going on

The conflict between Fulani herdsmen and local farmers in the north of Nigeria is being cited now as a bigger threat to Nigeria than Boko Haram.
Whilst the conflict can be attributed to fertile land scarcity causing the Fulani to seek 'greener pastures' there appears to be very little protection for farmers whose farms are being 'invaded'. The Fulani themselves who (are well armed), state that their attacks are merely self defence or retaliation for attacks upon them, however, it's the lack of intervention from the government that is most alarming.

Many believe the President says little on the matter as he is of the Fulani ethnic group, and therein lies the problem.

Currently, the reporting of the story highlights `Fulani wrongdoing', yet little is known of what the story is from their side.
It's possible that they are the aggressors, after all, nomadic or not, the rights of farmland sits with the farmers. it's their livelihoods at stake

Yet without access to grazing lands what would the Fulani do? What of their livelihood?

If people attribute the Presidents lack of involvement as him favouring the Fulani, it could escalate tensions and distrust of the Fulani people as a whole.

Fulani's across West Africa are often marginalised for their successes, but it's too easy to turn a land issue, an economic issue, into an ethnic conflict.

The sooner there is a resolution, the better, for the farmers, the Fulani, and Nigeria as a whole

Violence is not the answer.

Understanding the Fulani conflict [click]

Chronixx - Likes

Jordan Peterson Interview

Would you speak up about something if you knew it would make you unpopular?
I love many things.. but something I admire most in people is the ability to be themselves, even if it makes them unpopular.

To be more specific, what I love most, is people with integrity, and the courage to follow through
I was watching a channel 4 interview recently with Jordan Peterson, and not really knowing about him decided to go back and check out his youtube vids.

He's very interesting.
It's fair to say that this was a poor interview... and really didn't do us women any favours regarding the gender pay gap..( but that debate does little for me anyway) but it did alert me to him

He has many good points, although his thoughts on white privilege as being little more than majority-ism is flawed.
Apartheid and colonialism .. being the most obvious examples.

Anyway, he is interesting

On developing men, yes women ( in the main) do want a developed man... a competent and powerful man) but unfortunately I feel we could do more to aid this development.. but don't
and often men resist :)
Women raise men..
Society and culture either supports the work of developing our men in a positive way, or impedes it
I used to fret about women in Africa being treated unfairly until I recognised the dance at play, and just how the women play into, and support ( in many cases) their own disadvantage
It's interesting and entertaining, until the workable balance becomes unworkable

The development of Africa is directly linked to the ( so far) inability of many of its inhabitants to get this balance right
That, and the eradication of the colonial mindset