Saturday, 26 May 2018

Fatoumata Diawara - Nterini

EFF Rally on Africa Day

Malema speaks at 53:36 ( approx) mixed sound quality

Glide like this.. :)

Weekend WOW Factor: Ubuntu

Slept in.
Got work tonight so just taking it easy today. Fortunately my cold is easing up now, and I didn't need whisky as was recommended.

Fancy a make over but decided just to do the usual maintenance which will suffice.

This is an odd time in some ways. I've spent my working life in the area of developing communities yet I've seen much of that work corroded over the years, partly due to changes in policy, government priorities and funding.
What's frustrating is that work is still needed.
But has society moved too far away from that now?
There is an odd irony in that community development is an inclusive theory built on the notion that if you help others to do well in their lives, you impact not only on an individual, but their families, neighbours, community, society and ultimately the nation.

Exclusion paves the way for isolation, frustration and resentment, a fear of the other, discrimination and prejudice.

At best we exist in silos, at worst intolerance.
The irony is that we now have in place a policy to combat extremism; the end result of fractured communities. A policy that treats the symptom, but not the cause.

Lets continue to ask the right questions in the hope we get the right answers.
Yet know that those answers may never come.
So perhaps instead of waiting for a leader who will take us there, we must now realise that only we.. can take ourselves there.


I love my nation

Yesterday was Africa day.

I truly believe that despite the issues on the continent, Africa has the potential to lead the world for the betterment of all.
The world should really honour the continent for all it has made possible. Not exploit it, but cherish it. ( snd it's people)


Have a great day x

Thursday, 24 May 2018

The Father of Pan Africanism

Henry Sylvester Williams
Born on the Caribbean Island of Trinidad, and the 1st man to ever coin the phrase Pan African, an ideology and movement which led to the 'liberation of country after African country.

Wiliams was the 1st black councillor in Westminster, a barrister by profession, and is often the forgotten hero of the Pan African movement.
An ideology as influencial as the work Marxism, yet not many think of this man, when we think of African liberation, and the liberation of African people at home and abroad.

Whilst Kwame Nkruma became the darling of Pan Africanism ( for awhile) is was this man, a man who organised the 1st ever Pan African conference in London, who galvanised the political elite and moved people into action, that could easily be cited as the true darling of the movement.

Artists writers and musicians not withstanding.

Perhaps before we celebrate Marx, who failed to factor in race into his ideology
a man who believed in the inherent good in people to move them to do the right thing without state intervention (how's that working out?)
let's remember Williams.
A man whose ideas still resonate today.


Feeling rough with a cold, but will try to blog throughout.
A litte music to sweeten the vibes, raise the temperature, and banish the cold

Wonderful track

Saturday, 19 May 2018

Royal Wedding Day: Harry & Megan

Congratulations to the happy couple, and what a lovely wedding it was
The sun shone and Windsor was a beautiful backdrop.

Princes William and Harry looked handsome as usual in their uniforms.. and very tall

I hadn't realised just how much Megan looked like her mother.

I noticed that her mother was alone. Megan walked down the aisle alone ( until Prince Charles stepped in for the final few yards.

What is it about black women and having to do things alone?

Her mother looked beautiful and composed, only god knows what she may have been thinking but at times her mother seemed to fight back tears.

Hackney's own Rev Rose spoke well as always

Thank god Elton John and his dancing eyebrows didn't decide on another revamped version of 'Norma Jean'
no disrespect, but he would have had the world in tears!

It would appear that Megan M has picked a good one. ( perhaps unlike her mother) We all make mistakes and I'm sure she learnt a great deal about marriage, from her ending of her 1st marriage.

I loved it. The pomp and ceremony
the love, the romance...
it was simple, classy, and beautiful

But before 'black fb' gets carried away though, ( with dreams of a Black Princess in the Royal family) it's important to remember that Megan is mixed race.
The media focus on her white family despite seemingly dysfunctional told a story in itself, rather it begged the question, why was that more tolerable for them, than to engage with, or seek, the black members of her family?. Where were they???

Princes Harry & William have grown up in different times.
A time when Beyonce is Queen, Oprah a High Priestess, and Serena Williams the worlds greatest sportswoman.
A time when black feminine beauty and allure has enjoyed some of the spotlight, and stereotypes exposed as fallacies.

They have grown up in an ethnically diverse UK, where despite their 'privilege' they know it's not ok, to treat others unfairly because of their race or gender and not expect to be called out on it.
As a result, they too may be 'different'

I'm not a royalist, and I understand the wedding has cost the British taxpayer over £34 million [click] which I guess a relatively small fraction of the UK budget but nevertheless £34.000000.

Megan Markle is beautiful and to her credit socially aware, and long may that last.
Took Harry months to pop the question... so many men with long term girlfriends may feel a bit exposed today
Married in a year.
Yes, A year is long enough to know.
A lovely couple , and may they be very happy together
All very sweet.