Monday, 16 July 2018


Korede Bello - 2geda

Why Nigerians Love Money for Votes

Despite calls against corruption , despite complaints about bad governorship and leadership

People are still collecting cash for votes
"Come sharply to the Governors Office"

This is why words alone will not change a thing. Many of these people are illiterate in their own languages, in fact they can't cook and eat words... and so have no time for constitutions or reading about policies.

Many have no access to the internet, or simply no time or desire to use it.

So what can be done to prevent the same type of leaders being elected time and time again into power, only to eat the money for development and ignore the needs of the people.

Surely the people must now take responsibility.

too easily bought perhaps?
If Nigeria back in the day could easily see their own kin into slavery we should be accustomed to this love of things by now
Yet easily said right?. If you have no money and someone starts giving it away for free, who wouldn't take?. Your integrity won't fill your empty stomach..

However, leaders with true integrity will need to find a way to re-educate and feed at the same time. Re-educate and do, whether in power or not. Volunteers and NGOs providing training on building community civil society would be a good start

Colonial tactics are still working well across the continent. We learned them well...
too bad

Sunday, 15 July 2018

France - FIFA World Cup Winners 2018

France brought it home!!. A decisive win against a determined Croatia, and France celebrates.

I'm very happy for them

Fresh from his visit to the Shrine in Lagos perhaps President Macron sprinkled some Fela magic over the team, and didn't they do well.

France, a former colonial power across several African countries has had an almost zero tolerance to difference, a slightly oppressive attitude to anyone deemed foreign whether it be due to the colour of their skin, or religion. and they have paid a heavy price for it.

Perhaps things will be different under President Macron.

After granting citizenship to the hero 'Spiderman, and his trips to the continent, France presented a team almost entirely African, ( ok, perhaps not entirely but you get my drift)
At a time when citizenship, identity and belonging , are high on the worlds agenda, the World Cup was won by a team of African migrants,

..and their fellow county-men working together.


Well done France.. you deserve it1

Adekunle Gold - Pablo Alakori

Sporting final day. Wimbledon and the World Cup

Produced by the wonderful artist Simi, who also provides some backing vocals. her voice is quite distinctive.
catchy guitar riff and it doesn't get much sweeter
The song itself is about a young man (Pablo Alakori) who tried to con others out of money via Twitter, but was not successful

Some feel the song is slightly unfair. They say that the only time we chastise, is when a thief fails, it is then that we know their name.
If, or when he succeeds we celebrate him ( and his spoils) in one way or another.

The moral of modern day corruption for some is... don't get caught.
Adekunle says build, work your way up. coming from nothing will not stop you, do the best that you can, don't con others, contribute, be of service, make your way.. Abeg

Saturday, 14 July 2018


Timaya fire again.. fun guy talent in abundance, nice 1 :)