Monday, 16 July 2018


Korede Bello - 2geda

Why Nigerians Love Money for Votes

Despite calls against corruption , despite complaints about bad governorship and leadership

People are still collecting cash for votes
"Come sharply to the Governors Office"

This is why words alone will not change a thing. Many of these people are illiterate in their own languages, in fact they can't cook and eat words... and so have no time for constitutions or reading about policies.

Many have no access to the internet, or simply no time or desire to use it.

So what can be done to prevent the same type of leaders being elected time and time again into power, only to eat the money for development and ignore the needs of the people.

Surely the people must now take responsibility.

too easily bought perhaps?
If Nigeria back in the day could easily see their own kin into slavery we should be accustomed to this love of things by now
Yet easily said right?. If you have no money and someone starts giving it away for free, who wouldn't take?. Your integrity won't fill your empty stomach..

However, leaders with true integrity will need to find a way to re-educate and feed at the same time. Re-educate and do, whether in power or not. Volunteers and NGOs providing training on building community civil society would be a good start

Colonial tactics are still working well across the continent. We learned them well...
too bad

Sunday, 15 July 2018

France - FIFA World Cup Winners 2018

France brought it home!!. A decisive win against a determined Croatia, and France celebrates.

I'm very happy for them

Fresh from his visit to the Shrine in Lagos perhaps President Macron sprinkled some Fela magic over the team, and didn't they do well.

France, a former colonial power across several African countries has had an almost zero tolerance to difference, a slightly oppressive attitude to anyone deemed foreign whether it be due to the colour of their skin, or religion. and they have paid a heavy price for it.

Perhaps things will be different under President Macron.

After granting citizenship to the hero 'Spiderman, and his trips to the continent, France presented a team almost entirely African, ( ok, perhaps not entirely but you get my drift)
At a time when citizenship, identity and belonging , are high on the worlds agenda, the World Cup was won by a team of African migrants,

..and their fellow county-men working together.


Well done France.. you deserve it1

Adekunle Gold - Pablo Alakori

Sporting final day. Wimbledon and the World Cup

Produced by the wonderful artist Simi, who also provides some backing vocals. her voice is quite distinctive.
catchy guitar riff and it doesn't get much sweeter
The song itself is about a young man (Pablo Alakori) who tried to con others out of money via Twitter, but was not successful

Some feel the song is slightly unfair. They say that the only time we chastise, is when a thief fails, it is then that we know their name.
If, or when he succeeds we celebrate him ( and his spoils) in one way or another.

The moral of modern day corruption for some is... don't get caught.
Adekunle says build, work your way up. coming from nothing will not stop you, do the best that you can, don't con others, contribute, be of service, make your way.. Abeg

Saturday, 14 July 2018


Timaya fire again.. fun guy talent in abundance, nice 1 :)

Friday, 13 July 2018

Tekno ft.Runtown - Summer Luv

Media Watch

well... a very inspiring lady, and interesting talk
We need good leaders, leaders with integrity... it's the only way

Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Who's Watching the Match?

Hoping for a France England Final
Come on France!

“Ç'est Magnifique!!”

Brexit meltdown

The government in is meltdown, is probably the sentiment those who have recently resigned from this repost want su to think.
Personally speaking, who cares, we still have a conservative government and with no election pending little will change.
The government is not In meltdown, these guys are just showcasing and exercising their privilege, at worst... at best integrity.

Who cares?

If PM Teressa May thought that Jeremy Hunt would make a great Foreign Secretary, why did she give to Boris Johnson in the 1st place?
There's a saying that you keep your friends close, and your enemies closer, yet Boris was neither friend or foe to May, he is simply a man on a mission.
A well connected, privilege white English male. If you don't know the rules you cant play the game and win.
He quit.... his post... as Foreign secretary, and why wouldn't he, if it's not the job that he wants.
I doubt he will need to claim JSA :)

Many eyebrows are raised at Boris's initial appointment to the post, and this is why we simply can't talk our politics too seriously


England play Croatia tomorrow and hopes are high.
England especially has had an identity crisis for some time, and it's hoped that a win will bring about a sense of renewed pride in Britishness ( that nobody seems to be able to agree on)
The leave campaign played on that identity crisis, and highlighted immigration and the need to be free to govern our own lands reasons to exit the EU.
It worked, yet hasn't ( yet) produced the results people were hoping for. In fact, most have no idea of the intricacy resulting in such a move.
If those who voted leave thought their sense of identity would be restored immediately were wrong. In reality, the frustration has seen a rise is hate crimes overt racism and brutishness.
The upper lip has loosened.

So an England win may restore a sense of English pride
How ironic that the sense of pride is being made possible by the immigrant, or 'foreign' players. Would it even be possible without them?
I listened to an interview on LBC and a caller said he hopes England lose simply because he has a problem with the black players.
He was scoffed at of course, but truth is, whether England win or not, you can rest assured that it will be players like Kane who are truly celebrated, and the narrative on immigration and migration will not change

Too bad, as homes across the country regardless of ethnicity will be rooting for these guys.

Lets enjoy the game for what it is... hope for the best, and see what happens

Love Languages

What women want
I've heard it said many times that women don't know what they want, that they're moody and constantly changing.
That if they're fat, they want to be slim, if they're slim, they want to be fat
and whilst there may be some true in that, It's my belief that deep down, women know exactly what they want.

Once a woman matures emotionally and is in touch with her inner self, the struggle is not in the 'not knowing', but the accepting.

It's being confident enough to want what you want even if your desire/s do not fit with what is expected, or sits outside the norms of the society in which we live.

The same can be said of a man.
Men and women are not that different in that regard

What irks us or cares trauma, is the internal and external conflict that ensues when or if we deny ourselves, or external pressures are great.

Whilst knowing what we want is important, it's perhaps they 'why' that matters even more
The intention behind our wants or desires
One question to ask is, is our desire rooted in love, or fear?.
Some say to love is to give or to serve, yet to love is also having the humility to receive and be served also.
Balance is crucial.

Perhaps key to all this, is the desire to be understood, and to understand
This can take time or can occur rather quickly, but it's the ability to communicate which paves the way to understanding.
The ability to communicate our needs is a skill worth acquiring, however, It varies depending on our upbringing and socialisation, also... our gender.
Some say women tend to be better communicators of emotions than men, as emotions are seen as a feminine trait, but it's changing.

Knowing and understanding our love language is actually quite helpful. I took this quiz and apparently mine is quality time. I've never given it much thought before and I'm sure I'm probably 'bi-lingual' in that regard , but... it came out as the highest in my case

To find out your own love language try this Quiz

Saturday, 7 July 2018

I guess it really is Summer

It was too hot to sleep in... can you believe it
Happy Saturday x

I Absolutely love he flow of this track.
Excellent Wande

Tuesday, 3 July 2018

Sunny Days and Warm Nights

What a match!. Ti braved it... put aside past hurt and actually got up to face the penalties with me. Pure joy, phew.. this World Cup.
The boys have nerves of steel.

Need to relax after that emotional roller coaster


Had a lovely lunch the other day. Took myself out to enjoy central London for a hot minute

It was very peaceful

A bit of calm, to watch the world go by

Well done the England Team

Come on England!!!

Yeah I said it.. gosh I can't watch anymore
Ti cant take the England team, been heartbroken too may times.. he's gone to bed lol!
Come on guys, why the fans always gotta go through it!!

Saturday, 30 June 2018

Weekend WOW Factor. The Irony of the French National Team, and what we we do without the DRC

Chilling with the little madam

as little man takes in some music

Too bad Nigeria are out of the World Cup

Wizkid agrees..

With Senegals departure that left the African representation to..


I kept hearing that over social media.. hmmmm

well... they certainly done away with Argentina

I watched a great documentary on BBC4 in the week, presented by Dan Snow. An insightful documentary that looked at the impact of slavery, colonialism, the Cold War, industrialisation and the world's connection to ( and dependance on) Congo.

I was concerned there would be an omission of Patrice Lumumba but I needn't have worried. Sure enough the betrayal of Mobutu of the great Lumuba came to the fore. We watched as Queen Elizabeth shook hands with the man exploited the Congo similar to the colonisers before him, and surely wondered of the Integrity of the British.

It was compelling to watch and Dan Snow provided a balanced and non patronising account.
The program itself brought to the fore many questions and is definitely worth a watch.

Sunday, 24 June 2018

Weekend WOW Factor: The Secret Lives Of Baba Segi's Wives - A Review

Born in Ibadan Nigeria, award winning author Lola Shoneyin's debut novel has been brought to life on stage right here in London
Lola continues to live in Ibadan where she runs an annual book festival, and is married to the son of Wole Solyinka

Lola Shoneyin

The Secret Lives of Baba Segi's Wives is an intriguing tale of a polygamous family headed by Baba Segi.

Wife number 1, does a good job as queen mother managing the clan, but it is with the arrival of fourth wife Bolanie, things begin to change substantially!

The play has been adapted by award winning playwright Rotimi Babatunde.

I was fortunate enough to be granted pretty much a front row seat, and had nabbed the only remaining ticket of the night.

Writer Rotinmi Babatunde, who resides in Ibadan Nigeria.

It was full house, as the audience were entertained from start to finish with beautiful Yoruba songs, music and dance. Parables were used to the finest, as we were given an insight into the mind of Baba Segi.

A horny man it's fair to say, however, a man of great pride, and an almost blind loyalty to his culture. Not a new man in any sense, but Baba Segi finds himself having to face tough decisions, as he is forced to face the reality that his culture cannot and does not live in a vacuum.

How I felt about Baba Segi ( and his big penis) was never static! (he plays the flute beautifully btw)

The cast includes the wonderfully talented Usifu Jalloh (on the right), Sierra Leonian drummer and storyteller extraordinaire.
Cast members double up on roles and the humour is effortless.

If you haven't already seen it, I highly recommend
Takes you on a journey and ticks all boxes

The Secret Lives of baba Segi's Wives is showing at the Arcola Theatre until 21st July 2018.

Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Follow Your Passion

Improvements all round. very good.
I love this quote

"If your desire is strong enough
It doesn't matter what you believe, your desire will triumph"

Abraham Hicks

Great quote for the World Cup too, well done Senegal!

Sunday, 17 June 2018

Time Will Tell

So my mum was taken to hospital, and on reflection of my conversation with the doctor, it doesn't seem as if she will be returning home.

I was presented with the task of telling the others, which I cant say I will do. What do I say?
The words they used were, the beginning of the end... and asked if I understood.
Yes, I understand.
How does anyone really prepare for losing anyone other than to become numb to it, and let it pass.
My sister, ever the optimist told me that there have been many times a bleak prognosis is given and the person involved goes on to beat the odds.
But my mum is up in years now.

Im my head I felt nothing but my eyes welled up abit so I must have felt something very deeply.

I was thinking about my mum recently.
I thought about her life.
Thought about how it had been filled with work...
work work work, helping others.... and more work.
I'm sure if I asked her if she could think of a time she was happy , she may tell me yes.
Childhood days perhaps, if her childhood was devoid of exploitation.
But as we know, young girls in the Caribbean back then didn't always have any easy time.
I hope she was happy tho.
I know we all made her laugh many many times, whenever we all got together , meal times Christmas times
Mums food has been the best,
Mum was my 1st ever nutritionist back when I was an athlete
Always at the finish line, rarely if ever missing a meeting

Mum thinks I'm brave
and I guess that's what will be called for over the next few days or perhaps months
Mums story in many ways has been typical of a Caribbean woman who came here in the 50's
and perhaps knowing that, makes me sad

I hope that my mum knew joy and happiness, I hope mums life has been one which she can look back at as a life well lived, and not too many ( if any) regrets.

I'll tell you something. After my bro, I think mum has simply lost the will... to carry on.

In recalling tracks my mum simply loved and would sing from start to finish - this is one

Bless you mum, and thank you for everything x
We'll hold on as long as you choose

Weekend WOW Factor: Pre Carnival Soca Time

Carnival season is upon us and already I have my favs!

Monday, 4 June 2018

Weekend WOW Factor: Visit Rwanda

England beat Nigeria 2-1, in the friendly at Wembley - oh no say it aint so!.


Fans cued up around the block at Niketown, as early as 6am for the store opening on Oxford Street for the new Nigeria kit, and it's looking good

You know I'm supporting Nigeria in the World Cup, 2nd team Ghana, then England.
It aint just football, no this shit's personal lol! :)


The Human Spiderman Mamoudou Gassama, we've all heard so much about was contacted by the President of Mali and asked to return to Mali... and join the army.
He has apparently declined the offer and accepted the internship with the French Fire Service, and can you blame him?

He did an amazing thing.
What was interesting was the response and the quick reaction of the French President to grant him citizenship and a job.
Is this what our parents meant when they said you have to be twice if not three times as good to break even?
How many other migrants have amazing skills and qualities are being treated poorly because of lack of knowledge of unwilling host nations?
Many migrants have already risked the lives to get to countries such as Turkey or France, yet in order o be seen as fully human, appear to need to overtly and demonstrably risk this lives again, to be given a chance.
Mamoudou is strong young fit and caring. Qualities abound across the continent. I hope his act of bravery and selflessness triggers a deeper understanding in others who may struggle with the issue of migrants.


President Maada Bio of Sierra Leone, visited ministerial office to see who was at work on time. SURPRISE!!.
He left a note for one minister who was late. I'd love to know what it said lol!

watch at 1:50

Rwanda sponsors Arsenal

This kit has caused much debate as to whether President Kagami should be spending so much on a sponsorship deal ( alleged £30 mil) when in receipt of significant International Aid

I do think it will have a positive impact. But I'm an Arsenal fan so maybe I'm biased.

Monday, 28 May 2018

Home Cooking is Best!

Woohoo! Bank Holiday!!

My daughter and partner are coming for dinner so I know the food will be eaten in no time, with content
We don't get to hang out so much, what with everyone being busy so a day off from the slave trade, sorry I mean the rat race, is a welcome one :)

The sun's shining, some sweet reggae music playing, food cooking, flowers in bloom
I'm so grateful

I haven't actually done too much today.
Found unexpected cash in my pocket so went and bought a few essentials, cooked too much rice and peas for the pot so it's now spilling over!, have prepped all my veg and about to finish that up.

As I mentioned, a bit too much rice for the pot..see?

I've been taking a keen interest in food actually. the science of it anyway. watching a few documentaries which are very educational, and is making a lot of sense to me right now.

A few weeks ago I was so dizzy I actually had to go to the hospital. I was seriously unwell, I couldn't walk a straight line, nauseous to the max.
It turned out that out in addition to being anaemic, I had slight ear infection, which was made better in hours. My trip to the hospital was after 3 trips to the doctor/s to be given pretty much the same drug in various guises which didn't work.
The doctor at the hospital was Asian, and looked at me as though to say, 'stop fretting you big baby, you will be fine.. just do this!'
I did what he said, which involved no drugs, and hey presto I was able to walk a straight line again.

The episode highlighted to me the importance of staying away from stress as much as possible, that homeopathic treatments are often more effective, and that ethnic minorities tend to understand what our bodies need in a very different way.

Anyway, back to cooking...

I learnt to cook from my mum. She didn't actually sit me down that I can remember, but I enjoyed watching her in the kitchen, as the food always tasted amazing.

I also enjoyed watching her bake.
As a child we ate a balanced diet.
I eliminated meat and fish from my diet, when I was 16, then resumed fish in my late 20's. Food and African Caribbean spirituality go hand in hand. A source of enegery that should be treated with respect.
That's just one reason I simply cannot and will not eat at Chinese food restaurants or take aways, I need to be able to trust what I'm eating, and that it has been cooked cleanly with love, and .. to be honest, that it's actually food I'm eating.
Eating out can be bit like 'Russian roulette'

I am convinced that some food suit me well, whilst others simply do not.
The Caribbean diet in particular has undergone much scrutiny in recent times, and has been cited by some doctors to be the cause of ailments such as diabetes and high blood pressure, so much so that it's now believed among us that our food is killing us!.

Permit me to wade in on that for a moment

It's not your food that's killing you... dumbass....it's the system.
It's oppression , discrimination and the racism you face, the frustration you feel at your seeming inability to do anything significant about it, your yearning for justice in the face of injustice
Think about it

How can your food be killing you when in the Caribbean it's not uncommon to live well beyond 100?

My own grandmother was 100+,

Yams, green banana , fresh fruit and vegetables, fresh fish, are staple foods
Food is hand cultivated, hand reared, no preservatives, no chemicals. It's in the ground, the soil, on the trees, in the yard ( if you eat meat)
It's in the West that we suffer.
and it really isn't anything to do with our food.
yet if you want to play 'devils advocate'...even if......

Over drinking, over eating, over seasoning , are all symptoms of a stressful lifestyle. Don't let the system fool you.
It's psychological warfare, propaganda, if you're not careful the system will kill you then say you committed suicide.

Home cooking is best.
Eat up your African Caribbean food people, you don't need to add salt, try not to over season, stay away from that unholy pork :)


This is one of my favourites outfits. It's so comfortable to wear . A lady made it for me in Ghana. Just s few hours wait, and bingo, fits like a glove.
I think it's very pretty.

I absolutely love this track!
Beautiful Intro Chronixx

Have a great day x

Saturday, 26 May 2018

Fatoumata Diawara - Nterini

EFF Rally on Africa Day

Malema speaks at 53:36 ( approx) mixed sound quality

Glide like this.. :)

Weekend WOW Factor: Ubuntu

Slept in.
Got work tonight so just taking it easy today. Fortunately my cold is easing up now, and I didn't need whisky as was recommended.

Fancy a make over but decided just to do the usual maintenance which will suffice.

This is an odd time in some ways. I've spent my working life in the area of developing communities yet I've seen much of that work corroded over the years, partly due to changes in policy, government priorities and funding.
What's frustrating is that work is still needed.
But has society moved too far away from that now?
There is an odd irony in that community development is an inclusive theory built on the notion that if you help others to do well in their lives, you impact not only on an individual, but their families, neighbours, community, society and ultimately the nation.

Exclusion paves the way for isolation, frustration and resentment, a fear of the other, discrimination and prejudice.

At best we exist in silos, at worst intolerance.
The irony is that we now have in place a policy to combat extremism; the end result of fractured communities. A policy that treats the symptom, but not the cause.

Lets continue to ask the right questions in the hope we get the right answers.
Yet know that those answers may never come.
So perhaps instead of waiting for a leader who will take us there, we must now realise that only we.. can take ourselves there.


I love my nation

Yesterday was Africa day.

I truly believe that despite the issues on the continent, Africa has the potential to lead the world for the betterment of all.
The world should really honour the continent for all it has made possible. Not exploit it, but cherish it. ( snd it's people)


Have a great day x

Thursday, 24 May 2018

The Father of Pan Africanism

Henry Sylvester Williams
Born on the Caribbean Island of Trinidad, and the 1st man to ever coin the phrase Pan African, an ideology and movement which led to the 'liberation of country after African country.

Wiliams was the 1st black councillor in Westminster, a barrister by profession, and is often the forgotten hero of the Pan African movement.
An ideology as influencial as the work Marxism, yet not many think of this man, when we think of African liberation, and the liberation of African people at home and abroad.

Whilst Kwame Nkruma became the darling of Pan Africanism ( for awhile) is was this man, a man who organised the 1st ever Pan African conference in London, who galvanised the political elite and moved people into action, that could easily be cited as the true darling of the movement.

Artists writers and musicians not withstanding.

Perhaps before we celebrate Marx, who failed to factor in race into his ideology
a man who believed in the inherent good in people to move them to do the right thing without state intervention (how's that working out?)
let's remember Williams.
A man whose ideas still resonate today.


Feeling rough with a cold, but will try to blog throughout.
A litte music to sweeten the vibes, raise the temperature, and banish the cold

Wonderful track

Saturday, 19 May 2018

Royal Wedding Day: Harry & Megan

Congratulations to the happy couple, and what a lovely wedding it was
The sun shone and Windsor was a beautiful backdrop.

Princes William and Harry looked handsome as usual in their uniforms.. and very tall

I hadn't realised just how much Megan looked like her mother.

I noticed that her mother was alone. Megan walked down the aisle alone ( until Prince Charles stepped in for the final few yards.

What is it about black women and having to do things alone?

Her mother looked beautiful and composed, only god knows what she may have been thinking but at times her mother seemed to fight back tears.

Hackney's own Rev Rose spoke well as always

Thank god Elton John and his dancing eyebrows didn't decide on another revamped version of 'Norma Jean'
no disrespect, but he would have had the world in tears!

It would appear that Megan M has picked a good one. ( perhaps unlike her mother) We all make mistakes and I'm sure she learnt a great deal about marriage, from her ending of her 1st marriage.

I loved it. The pomp and ceremony
the love, the romance...
it was simple, classy, and beautiful

But before 'black fb' gets carried away though, ( with dreams of a Black Princess in the Royal family) it's important to remember that Megan is mixed race.
The media focus on her white family despite seemingly dysfunctional told a story in itself, rather it begged the question, why was that more tolerable for them, than to engage with, or seek, the black members of her family?. Where were they???

Princes Harry & William have grown up in different times.
A time when Beyonce is Queen, Oprah a High Priestess, and Serena Williams the worlds greatest sportswoman.
A time when black feminine beauty and allure has enjoyed some of the spotlight, and stereotypes exposed as fallacies.

They have grown up in an ethnically diverse UK, where despite their 'privilege' they know it's not ok, to treat others unfairly because of their race or gender and not expect to be called out on it.
As a result, they too may be 'different'

I'm not a royalist, and I understand the wedding has cost the British taxpayer over £34 million [click] which I guess a relatively small fraction of the UK budget but nevertheless £34.000000.

Megan Markle is beautiful and to her credit socially aware, and long may that last.
Took Harry months to pop the question... so many men with long term girlfriends may feel a bit exposed today
Married in a year.
Yes, A year is long enough to know.
A lovely couple , and may they be very happy together
All very sweet.