Monday 24 December 2018

Looking Forward To The Big Cook

Gearing up for full cooking mode. Ive delegated the preparation of 'stuffing' to my young lady... and plan to get a few hours sleep/rest.. before starting early in the am.
This year I'll be cooking for mum and bro also... but all the prep and most of the cooking I'll be doing before I get there... so there'll be no shenanigans.. of 'Dawna add this' , or 'add that'
I know my seasonings.. and they have to trust it'll be tasty.

Think i'll knock up an apple crumble for desert too.. hmmmm yummy!

Funnily enough in thinking about everyone else.. I actually forgot to buy fish
So it'll be a quick trip to the shops.. not even gonna drive, just jump on a bus and get back pronto, so I can relax and enjoy my day

I've been enjoying these intelectual debates so much!
I love when people are passionate about what they believe in
It actually inspires others to excel in their own

These ladies are doing a nice job too :)

A look at another Presidential candidate...


Youtube analytics keeps me up at times.. so much interesting stuff keeps popping up on my sidebar :0

Driving home with the full moon last night...

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