Monday 10 December 2018

Twinkling Lights and Smiles All Round. ft Music by LAX

This time of year seems to really bring out the best in people.
Out and about today doing a bit of shopping I noticed something quite sweet. I found myself assisting a few men who were panicking, saying their wife had sent them to buy a tree and wasn't sure if it was the right one!. Some called them on the phone to double check.. right height, right colour?

They may have felt out of their comfort zone, but their desire to get it right for their significant other was so sweet
Some had brought their children along, and their happy little faces as they shopped with dad was also proof that children..... absolutely love spending their parents money... lol!
I'm sure when they got home there were big smiles all round

I didn't get a new tree, but I have picked a new set of lights... as my tree is awaiting;)

Anyway, a new week beckons.. and it's goodnight from me x

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