Saturday, 18 November 2017

Sarkodie - Far Away ft. Korede Bello (Official Video)

Iyanya - Iyanu (Holy Water)

9ICE - Basiri Mi

Weekend WOW Factor: President Mugabe

So....thousands March against Mugabe

Mugabe couldn't be blamed if he sat at home quietly and wondered... 'what was it all for?'
The situation Mugabe faces could even be likened to that of a parent whose children have gone astray and fail to appreciate all they have done for them over the years. Yes, that age ole ungrateful children syndrome

Zimbabweans may not agree
But for many of us... you simply don't treat independnce war veterans in such a way

Yes Mugabe is aged
Yes he has an overtly ambitious wife, and sons who seem to bear little resemblance in terms of character, to their father at a similar age

and yes.. there was a pending danger that the country was being viewed by some as 'private property' or inheritance.
but yes.. this is Africa, where the scramble for power is not unlike the initial scramble for Africa

But Mugabe, like him or not.. is a hero of the African liberation struggle, and the father of Zimbabwe.
He grew up in a very different time, and has lived through the type of trials and tribulations that may have floored many others
and with that in mind, the 'celebrations' at his apparent 'overthrow' are distasteful.

Zimbaweans, the usually quiet mild mannered individuals have found their voice
Where has their voice been all these years?

When I see the celebrations and I hear what's being said it smacks of cowardice
the kind of cowardice that would have never fought against colonial rule
and as such, had it not had been for Mugabe and others just like him
Zimbabwe would still be 'Rhosdesia

For some time, the unpopular Grace Mugabe has been growing in stature
her ability to influence has made her one of the strongest women in Africa

It takes a strong woman to enter into a relationship with a married man as his wife lays dying. and if not strong.. certainly ruthless.

For many, that's when President Mugabe lost credibility
His First wife Sally was much loved by the people, and many say he was a different man back then, with her positive influence..

For others it was Gukurahundi

Mugabe will always be a divisive figure for some.
Let Zimbabweans celebrate.. they know not what is coming next
and that is partly the problem

There is no definitive plan going forwards not that I know of anyway
So that being said, they should celebrate 'cautiously' if they must celebrate at all

Personally, as fascinating as this has been, I am disappointed with the people of Zimbabwe

Mandela had he had been alive, may have faced the same indignity... as people tire.. and they forget quickly
Africa has 'strong' men because it's what keep the people in line

Our leaders know this, and have little faith or trust in the general public.. and one can only imagine leaders across the continent are watching this spectacle being played out in Zimbabwe, and wondering of their own fate..
They will be even less inclined towards democracy that's for sure
No Zimbabwe...

Me thinks you celebrate too soon

Monday, 13 November 2017

Weekend WOW Factor : Family - ft music byTekno ft Wizkid - Mama

Happy birthday to my bro , born 11/11, so his birthday tends to be marked by a minute's silence..
So I get in early with the best wishes, and wrap up late.

Hope you had a great day bro.
My brother with my nephew at his wedding earlier this year

Today's post really is a thought about family, or families

It's easy to get wrapped up in what we consider to be a family and in thinking we all have the same upbringing. Yet families look and are often very different. For some family time is the best time , whereas for others, the best time is time away from family.

I wonder about how much we've changed and if we have really changed at all.. and in truth.. I don't think we've changed much at all.. just got older and wiser in parts and not in others.

Like all close relationships it's accepting the differences, and allowing a person to grow and make choices for themselves that you may not make for yourself but offering love and guidance anyway.
We try anyway

It's quite funny really , that you need a licence to have a TV, drive a car, in fact, one must study 1st and only when passing do you get access to the roads, but I was reminded...anyone can be a parent.
.. and our issues are born lol!

I look at my granddaughter and wonder if she's thinking the same things I thought at her age
The all conquering madam..

Saturday, 11 November 2017

Krizbeats ft Yemi Alade & Harmonize- 911

Infectious track, so cool and easy, sexy and on point
..Harmonize sounds alot like like Diamond..

Whatever you're doing today all the best, enjoy your flow..x

[sings]'baby I go give it to you give it too you...'

ay ye ye

Simi - Owanbe

Laid back Saturday until evening
I was on my way home last night and was about to miss the night bus but to my surprise the driver stopped and waited.
The previous night I just made it with minutes to spare we he said he had delayed his time because of me

How nice was that?

Ive been able to tick housework off my list today, but i'll be honest, I haven't ventured out, and even doing my hair will have to wait for tomorrow, when i'll have a entire day of indulgence.

I remember when I 1st fell in love with Davido's Aye
Well this track by Simi feels so good, looks so good, Is fun and funny, and I love it!
I can only imagine it will be on our playlists for some time to come

Well done and good job lady

I almost forgot that it's winter here

For a full translation check out Yorubachic

Sunday, 29 October 2017

Nelson's letter to Winnie

Letter from Nelson to Winnie


"Already the months you spent in detention have been a severe test for you, and when you come to the end of the case ,you will have got a deeper understanding of human nature and its frailties and what human beings can do to others once their privileged position is endangered.

When this threat emerges, all the lofty values of western democracy about which we read so much in books is brushed aside. Neither the moral standards of modern civilisation, the teachings of the Christian faith, the universal idea of the common brotherhood of men, nor pure sense of hounour will deter the privileged circles from applying the multitudinous pressures at their disposal on those who fight for human dignity.

Those who are on the front line should be willing and ready to draw the fire onto themselves, in order to inspire their colleagues and make this easier for them. In the battle of ideas the true fighter who strives to free public thinking from the social evils of his age, need never be discouraged if, at once and the same time, he is praised and condemned, honoured and degraded, acclaimed a saint and cursed as an irredeemable sinner...

...Finally , Mhlope, I d wish you to know that you are the pride of my heart, and with you by my side , I always feel I am part of an invincible force that is ready to win new worlds.

I am confident that, however dark and difficult times might seem to be now, one day you will be free and able to see the beautiful birds and lovely fields of our country, bathe in its marvellous sunshine and breathe its sweet air. you will again see the picturesque scenery of the land of Faku where your childhood was spent, and the kingdom of Ngubengcuka where the ruins of your own kraal are to be found.

I miss you badly! Tons and tons of love and a million kisses.."


Saturday, 28 October 2017

Saturday music selection ft Bisa Kdei, DBlack, Wiz kid, DMW ft Davido & Mayorkun


This beautiful song in time will be remembered as a classic from Wizkid
He has many.. but this one in particular, will always be felt fondly

Have a great day x

Weekend WOW Factor: Statues and Liberties. Ft music by Mafikizolo ft Yemi Alade – O Fana Nawe

What is President Jacob Zuma doing to end the xenophobic attacks against Nigerian's in South Africa? [click]

Not enough.. if anything at all
What is President Buhari doing to protect his people?
Answer.. not enough.. if anything at all

..so... why has a large statue of president Zuma been erected in Nigeria's Imo State?

he has even been honoured with a road being named after him..

An insensitive act, or honour among thieves...
Can you imagine....
What confusion.
Our leaders have a very different idea of what it means to truly lead their people, to protect, and to serve.
There is an astronomical amount of riches circulating among Presidents and senators, governors et al.. whilst the 'people' .. are expected to be proud and loyal flag waving citizens, even though in many cases their basic needs, . needs (which should be provided by the state) go unmet

Yes whist it will always be debated what the state should or should be responsible for, the reality is that these are , supposedly democratic socialist countries
In truth, like many countries they operate a mixed economy system, but capitalism remains the preferred choice of our leaders.
Many have rebranded capitalism as straight up corruption..
Yes, corruption operates as an economic system

The system is maintained by an overzealous rule of law, or in some cases simply put...no rule of law

Anyway, I digress..
Given South Africa's' history you would think they would know better...
..clearly, many do not
What an utter liberty

As Jacob Zuma continues to sour the reputation of the ANC , and the people of South Africa 'forget' their struggle for freedom from under the wicked state of Apartheid, it remains a very long walk indeed, before the ideas of panafricasim are realised..
Is this the legacy of Mandela?

How long before the people of Imo State tear down that stupid statue of Zuma.. and would they be wrong to do so..?

Buhari is too quiet on these matters, lord knows he hasn't had it easy of late, but I do wonder why he allows some of the things he allows

State Governor Rochas Okorocha

'hmmm .. perhaps the statue was a bad idea..'

'hmm perhaps if I dance they'll keep quiet about it...'

2Baba - Hold My Hand

Wednesday, 25 October 2017

L.A.X - Call My Baby

My travel home soundtrack
type of track that just teleports you with ease , through time and space
traffic?.. what traffic..

Monday, 23 October 2017

Spotlight - Dr Damages

Congratulations to Dr Damages ono his 300th show..

lol!.. "oh..my waist .. I wouldn't be able to go to the other room for a very long time"
A most enjoyable episode

Sunday, 15 October 2017

A back in time special - It's Wizboyy - Infinity

Listen, I had Wizboyy's album on throughout my travels yesterday and this track took me back, shortened and sweetened my journey, and ended up on replay

Wizboyy, you're great!

Film Africa 2017

D'Prince looking fine as...
Almost Phyno -Phyne :)
Flavour -Phyne

Nice song

I'm between laying lazily on the sofa
half watching a film
catching up on news
knowing I need to do my hair,
finish the meal
but right now, i'm simply enjoying my blog which deserves my attention

It has been a glorious day
the sun shone and my entire spirit was lifted

You know I'm in the wrong country right?
Yeah.. at least during the winter months..
Internal hibernation

As Phyno says.. so far so good anyway


For those of you currently in my part of the world, here's an event I promote each year

Yeah baby , it's Film Africa 2017

Liberia Matters

Ex footballer George Weah looks set to become the next president of Liberia
His running mate, is Charles Taylor's ex-wife [click]

Who has claimed often she knew nothing of her husbands use of child soldiers.

( well.. anything s possible)
Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, the 1st elected female Head of State, and outgoing President of Liberia certainly had her hands full.

Taking the reigns of an embittered war torn country, dealing (or not dealing) with corruption, accused of nepotism, admired by women, presiding over the disaster and tragedy of Ebola which killed thousands of Liberians and exposed glaring deficiencies in the countries infrastructure and heath system ....is out

What Liberia will look like under a man is anyone's guess.
I fear corruption will increase, and the threat of instability will be ever present as the male egos take centre stage.

It's too bad that there was no other female, to have taken up the mantel after Ellen. In fact maybe that would have been her greatest legacy, to have empowered and prepared another woman to take things forward.

For some reason, this election feels like a backward step.

With reports of Charles Taylor influencing the decision making from his UK cell, the end result is anyone's guess.
But it's important.

How Liberians vote, and how well the newly elected President does, can be crucial to the on going stability of the region

Perhaps that is Johnson Sirleaf's greatest legacy.
Liberia, has been stable.

On a side note... I love the Liberian accent
that's some real African American thing right there

Weekend WOW Factor pt 1 - Unequal UK and Ethnicity

Ethnic divisions are causing tensions across the Globe it would seem, yet very few of us understand what it is about our ethnicities that lead us to such unbridled loyalty, to the extent that we are suspicious of those outide of our in-group, and practice often incomprehensible attroties at worst, inequality at best,

I do believe that the human spirit can perform or behave in ways that cannot simply be theorised away, but in the main ethnicity and [white] racism are easily explainable .

I think these days more than ever, you cannot have a conversation about racism and not speak of white privilige or what it means, the foundation of racism, race theories et al; you simply.. cannot.
But we try..none -the -less.

One of the the most racist terms, used on an almost daily basis without question is gentrification.
and I urge BME individuals to stop using or accepting use of the term altogether.

A recent report highlighted ( again) the startling inequality that exists in the UK. [click]

Inequalities that exist;
In the health care system
In housing
In mental heath
In relationships
In employment
In Justice
In Law

In every area of life, inequality is maintained and reproduced year in- year out, and continues to be a problem, and with the increase in anti muslim sentiment what we now have is an ever expanding hot bed of people who are increasingly fed up, refuse to be put in their 'place', and are ready and willing to stand up for themselves and others like them for their right to exist, and their right to fair treatment.

Black people have long since been aware that Black people are more likely to be detained under the Mental Health Act than their wife counterparts, the empirical evidence is prolific, but the voices of those who know, have been routinely silenced.

What is interesting about these reports, is on any average day 99.9% of non white people will say that undoubtedly, they are not racist.
So, where is the racism coming from?
Someone somewhere is not being honest.

The only explanation I can surmise from the ongoing racial discrimination that exists in the UK despite a truckload country full of non racists Is that whilst individuals may not 'be racist', they however, may simply benefit from a racially skewed system set up to favour them.
A system in which they received the benefits without ever getting their hands dirty, or proclaiming any direct responsibility.
Which is why many may tell you that their best friend is black / or white, so cannot possibly be racist yet racism still affect and impact on and inform their life experiences

Racism in the 20th century was a story of fear and ignorance, a sordid 'fairytale'.
In the 21st century that fear still exists, and so does a desire to protect that which was gained at all costs.
Racism is historic
Racism is fear of losing.
It is no longer acceptable to be ignorant about racism, neither is it acceptable to say 'I'm not racist' and live a life which never challenges racism.
Simply nonchalantly enjoy the benefits
One has to be 'anti racist' these days.
and that takes honesty.

In America, black unarmed men are more feared than white males brandishing a gun.
Or it certainly seems that way.
With the ethnic profile of those who carry out mass -killings in America, it is amazing that the police's focus of fear remains the black man.
That's pretty deep brainwashing.

For people of Africa descent the story is even more complex.
For those of us who live in the UK , not only do we structure a life within a racially biased system designed not In our favour, but we also have a legacy of colonial divisions among our fellow Africans, or people of African descent.

Within and across Africa, ethnic divisions continue to cause problems from Kenya to Sierra Leone
Never has the call for Biafra been stronger in Nigeria,

and in South Sudan ethnic tensions remain despite what we know.

In the Caribbean, the gap of country to country divisions and ignorance is thankfully not as wide as it once was ( did it really take China to wake up Jamaica?) but colourism still remains a legacy of colonialism that is rife across the Caribbean, and the IMF straight Jacket and American imports (also known as Globalisation) both have a corrosive affect on the people and culture.

Whose culture is it?

The culture is owned by those who live it, who birthed it.
The history of those whose lives both depend on it, and were created by it.

The culture of the Caribbean is Caribbean people.
A hybrid if you like the term
The story of African people in the diaspora.

They have ever right to celebrate that.. yes we do
without apology.

Friday, 29 September 2017

Birthday eve and TGIF

Happy belated birthday to Winnie Mandela, my lovely nephew and a few friends

A mild Friday night as September draws to a close, inviting a few tunes

This one I've had on replay all week, carrying me through..

Enjoy yours whatever you're doing

Monday, 25 September 2017

Luciano - He Is My Friend

The great Luciano
back in time section from one of his finest albums

Sunday, 24 September 2017

Labour Party Conference 2017 Is Under Way

Keep on pushing on..

The people don tire..

Interesting speeches

Honestly, when you believe in something, or have a vision, never give up. Check your intentions and if you really want the best not only for yourself but others related or unrelated.. sounds good to me


Naija Jams - 3 Hot Tracks to Enjoy

Such a romantic song.

Sings..."who be Rihanna...."
Love Don Jazzy's voice



D'Prince ft. Wizkid - So Nice

Flavour - Loose Guard

Nice trainers Flavour :-)

Weekend WOW Factor - Birthday Week!

Taken from the album 'Sugarcane'

As I took a walk to my local shops along Chatsworth Road, I was astounded by the number of yard sales lining several roads.
The sight of old dusty books, brick a brak and musty clothes, accompanied by what appeared to be hastily written signs of Lemonade for sale. I walked past at least six yard sales on either side.

I'm never one in favour of cluttering up walkways but apparently the desire to clog our pavements in on the rise, and shows no signs of abating.

But here's the rub.

Recently, I had a conversation with a English woman who explained to me that she moved outside of London because she wanted a more racial mix, especially as she herself had mixed race children, and her desire was, to expose her children to as many cultures as possible.
The area she moved from was Ilford, (?) which had allegedly become a predominantly Muslim area. (her words not mine)
So, she moved her 'mixed race children'( her description not mine) to an area which is predominantly white, with a smattering of other ethnicities here and there for good measure.

What was interesting was that she described Ilford as becoming ghettoized due to the large number of Asians and Muslims who had migrated there.
I asked her why she described a predominantly muslim area as a ghetto, and she smiled.

I asked her why she didn't feel as strongly about predominant jewish areas such as parts of stamford hill ( she herself being jewish)
She explained she didn't like the idea of the cultural silos that existed in London, regardless of which ethnic culture that may be

Back to her description of a predominantly Muslim area as being a ghetto, I asked her why she didn't describe predominantly white areas as ghettoes, rather, the description often assigned, is gentrified, (unless you're from up north) :-) (sorry)
I was playing with her but I wanted to make a point.

The point I want to make here is that whist some may argue that the cluttering of our pavements and displays of togetherness are healthy, I'm going to argue that they are not.
I see little difference to a tom cat spraying his territory.
These emerging displays are little more that an attempt at marking ones territory, reclaiming an identity and saying.. here we are.
Well , ok.... and hi

If however, these displays were overtly non white , there would be an issue.
The women would be told their clothes are an eyesore, and neighbours would complain that the displays are bringing down house prices, and turning the place into an undesirable dump.

These ever-shifting goal posts

I remember when the sight of clothes hung in front yards was considered tasteless - symbolic of poverty (for some), with Tower Hamlets often in the headlines as one of London's poorest boroughs, and prime offender.

Yet now... apparently, it's cool to do it.

Hackney is an interesting place.

Yet like it or not, we do have an emerging group, who are determined to 'bring the place down with this wanton behaviour'. seriously...

Take your shit inside and keep the pavement clear
have you even got a licence to trade?
lol!!.. I jest of course

In all fairness, I personally don't care who wants to sell what, but I find it useful to point out the hypocrisy to those who remain unclear

Nigel Farage and co really did unearth something ( perhaps something dormant) within many people

Quote - Tower Hamlets is, at the same time, one of the richest and one of the poorest parts of Britain. It has the highest rate of child poverty in the country and yet the average salary of those who work in the borough is £58,000, the second highest in the UK after the City of London. This is a place where many kids sleep six to a room yet the borough has an economy worth more than £6bn a year, higher than places such as Malta or Monaco. We were told by the Thatcherites of the 80s that wealth would trickle down." [Source]


It's my birthday week

I had planned to get away for my birthday but it has to hang on :-( coz here I am, time crept up on me, along with his mates, I- need- and attention.

Still, I aim to enjoy it, both myself and my daughter as you know celebrate ( loosely speaking) on the same day
perhaps I will mark it in the way Ti did and have a BBQ

Only thing with that is... I end up doing all the cooking, so I may have to give it some thought.


Why did 6 items that have for a year or two cost me approx £15 become £30 overnight?
Doubling of prices on best selling goods.... why such a heavy retail sales mark up
taking the ***


Things we endure for 'maintenance'
Yep... still grateful


I'm loving Tiwa's album
Been my Sunday soundtrack
I've been able to catch up on my favourite things this weekend, having been without my trusted laptop all week..
Feels so good x

You have enjoyed 3 of the best.. nice one Tiwa x

Peace x

Sunday, 10 September 2017

Hackney One Carnival 2017

Hackney One Carnival 2017.
..Gets better every year

Congrats to all the women and men dressed in their carnival costumes, they looked fabulous. Stationed at the judging area, they gave their best (despite the chill) to the crowds and judges alike.

However, the real fire was further on down the road away from the judges, where the floats really did their thing for the crowd alone

Ahhh..Pantonic, of all Steel Bands you are emerging as my favourite. Simply cool, they don't miss a beat.... outstanding band.
Seriously... do you know just how much I love them?

The compare for the day summarised the themes well
Among the troops representing well were the Ghana and Gambia contingent

Nice to see the Para troop there, and some elders from St Josephs Hospice on their own Bus, representing well also, I hope they enjoyed the day x.

It was a cultural affair, a very inclusive affair, and fun.
Hackney's largest street festival, and largest cultural festival, opened with a few words from the Mayor.

and that... marks the end of Carnival season until next year...

Bring it on...... we love it!

Peace Xx

Saturday, 9 September 2017

The Late Post : TGIF

A Friday night chilling and enjoying a few tunes before bed.

This track is particularly nice.
I'm missing Ghana actually, late night drives sweet music warm air and freedom. You simply can't beat it.

Lots to do this weekend, a full day scheduled for tomorrow as I work on a few pressing things

My days have been hectic, but as Ti says keep pushing on, just keep pushing on...

Complete enough tasks then it's all roads to Hackney Carnival
East London... set your dial to enjoy..


Government & Governance

Key to stability in Africa is good governance, education, and civil involvement.
This was an interesting read

An ongoing area of concern is perhaps what's known as Africa's brain drain.
Are there really more educated africans living outside of Africa than within?.
Yet... many do return.
In Ghana many teachers who complete Teacher Training are assigned a school almost immediately, but it's changing, and there are challenges.

Limited resources in some areas, and stagnation wages are a source of frustration.
Despite this, Teachers remain passionate and committed

It's worth remembering that most, if not all African leaders were educated abroad. They return with the skills and knowledge that could totally transform their countries, yet something happens.
Sure, there are numerous factors which they must consider. Culture and traditional beliefs being two..as they remain extremely powerful, and are to be respected.
It's a juggling act, but one which they must and can get right... eventually.

Stability is key.

Peace x


Monday, 4 September 2017

DJ Big N x Tiwa Savage x Burna Boy - Anything

Do you ever think about the impact you have on others?
Everyone has a calling on their life, a point, a purpose, a role.
We don't always know what it is
Blessed are they who find it
We are not defined by our successes or failures..
But how we handle both can leave its mark
A quote I like is:
'To the world you may be one person.. but to one person.. you may just be the world..'

If you touch one person.. in a positive way. you are doing well

Sunday, 3 September 2017

Wizboyy Ofuasia - Gimme Ur Love

Weekend WOW Factor. Hello September!

Rewind Phyno!!


Where have you been Don Jazzy?

The weekend started early with a BBQ on Friday night.
Ti the birthday boy turned 24. The 24 years have simply flown by.
I was up really early to prep the Jollof, bake a cake, then go to work, come home then clean season and cook fish, and the rest.
As fast the fish was ready, is as fast as it went, the escovitch had no where to go!

They had fun.
Nice to see them get together.
We all enjoyed the evening, and the food was good.


I had to relinquish control of the decks, my lot were convinced they'd get pure afrobeats and reggae, but to be honest they missed out.. surely they know how diverse my selection can be?!
To be fair, Afrobeats would have dominated.

This interview got quite deep, interviewer or researcher?
I think she forgot for a moment he's an artist not a politician.


Music mode..

A nice video to accompany a Nice song


Pembury Estate in London has evolved.

Pembury Circus and the partial re-development of Pembury Estate is reported to be valued at £50million.
I walked though the estate recently for no other reason other than to take a shortcut to catch a bus and for the 1st time, I was struck by the surroundings.

As regeneration projects go, it would be fair (currently) to cite Pembury Circus as a positive example. Wonderful use of open spaces, a vibrant Community Centre with services that cater to people of all ages, and a Cafe of which the running of it has been actively targeted at local residents.

It's £50 million, but you see (and feel) the change.
Unlike the regeneration of Woodberry Down (also in London) Pembury Circus did not struggle to get the buy in of local people. The Community Centre has been a hit right from the start, which may be a result of the consultation and or involvement of local people, perhaps, but ultimately they both make interesting case studies.

Some people will argue that a sense of community cannot be manufactured.
But it can.

When you consider what can be done, I began to wonder how a similar development could work in a place like Sierra Leone.
I considered for a moment the recent floods and the aid donated.

A much longer analysis would be needed, but what continues to emerge is that it's important to remain aware of the fact that many aid packages received will be to the 'value of', and not necesarily monetary.

Aid which is monetary tends to come with 'guidelines' regarding what the money can be spent on, and with whom the aid can be spent.

I wonder therefore, if the government could amass £50million ( for example) and targeted a specific area, of the amazing changes that could be seen in a relatively short period of time.

If, as it's often suggested corruption is the cause for slow rate of development, it really would be a disgrace.

I wonder what would happen if the people boycotted any upcoming election, and simply refused to vote until big changes are made.
They'd never do it, but the thought did cross my mind.
Q. Why would the people not make a stand like that?.
a1. Police have guns
a2. Seduction of politicians
a3. PTSD. ( Post traumatic stress disorder)


Music mode..


Do you think that African Presidents should continue to take foreign medical trips?, especially if health care in their own countries are in need of development?
It's a conversation, brought to the fore recently with `President Buhari's 100 days away from Nigeria, (as he received treatment here in the UK).

There is no doubt that development should remain high on the agenda when it comes to global health care, but I'm also starting to see another side of it.

I believe it's entirely possible that President Buhari et al prefer to travel abroad for health care not just because they believe their own doctors are incapable, rather they would prefer that their diagnosis remains a private affair, and the treatment they are receiving is not 'leaked' to the public. ( which it would be)

Trust. I believe is a factor... again.
If opponents of President Buhari knew what his ailment was, or is, do you not feel they would use it against him in some way?

What about the impressionable minds of the public ( those who have impressionable minds that is)
They could be easily swayed, and any loyalty erased should they feel it a waste of time

Q: Dawna...Are you suggesting that confidentiality cannot be respected in Nigeria among the professional classes?
A: There is a recession, and even without it.. people can be bought for the right price.

Cartoon: Damien Glez

Kenya's not quite yet re-elected President - Uhuru Kenyatta

The Kenyan Supreme Court annulled the results of the Kenyan election, and as a result a new election must be called within 60 days.
Wow!, well...that's a 1st.

Uhuru must be fuming, but he's masking it well... ish...

He can be annoying, but I can't get mad at him. Too cute, and Odinga..... well...

btw, why do I get the impression that a vote for Odinga would in reality be a vote for someone else...

The sons of Kenya's 1st President and Vice President continue to vie for Power. Perhaps Kenya needs a break from both 'families'.
Perhaps it should have been annulled as soon as the senior election official was killed.


Hello and welcome September x
Don't separate Nigeria, we prefer your weird arse's together. ( as together as you're ever gonna be that is)

Wednesday, 30 August 2017

A bit of Batta Box

You see the size of that slice of bread?
An equivalent is hard dough bread and plantain. Mmmmmmmm.. (Fattening though!)


Tuesday, 29 August 2017

The Late Post: Has Carnival Become Overly Sexualized?

Carnival is a highlight of the year for many people.
A display of costumes, music food the almost obligatory sight of dancing policemen and women, sound systems, Jerk pans , Steel Pans, and a whole lot of fun.

Carnival is possibly the largest and most well known of all Caribbean festivals. Some claim it was born initially from a Catholic pre lent festival which was adopted by Africans in the Caribbean who made it this town. Others state it was Africans who created the festive, born by those who fought against slavery and colonialism, and incorporate their African traditions into the festival mocking previous slave 'masters', and the evils of slavery whilst celebrating 'freedom'.
For many to is known as 'play mass'.

A lot has changed since then.
Our modern day Carnival remains beautiful, but I do sometimes wonder how and why it has become so overly sexualised.

Let me explain.
I noticed it most last year, when a woman walked by pretty much naked. and I mean.. pretty much naked.
Now we all expect to see some ( and bare) some flesh at Carnival, but unlike other costumes this particular flesh wasn't adored with anything bright shiny or sparkly, it was just.. well.. raw flesh. To be fair she had on a tiny thong, and from what I recall a small bra but that was it.

I understand the desire to let go and be free but it's not solely and adult party.

It's a paradox, as I'm not suggesting that children should feel ashamed of nakedness, or be raised to embrace what later can become, 'hang ups', but adult nakedness performing adult rituals, may be a bit much...especially on children's day.
Now instead of asking their parents what a particular mask or performance may mean they ae simply more often that not, being acclimatised to observing simulating sex in public, and barely dressed women.

Many will say it's a sign of female empowerment, no matter the shape or size a woman can celebrate her unique beauty.
Ok - I hear that.

Personally, when it comes to Carnival, I'm certainly a soca and band person and can follow the floats all day, but will venture to the sound systems from time to time to enjoy a variety of music. Everything about the festival is joyous, however, If Carnival remains a celebration of Caribbean culture, exactly which aspect of our cultures are we celebrtaing?
I see little evidence of its historical roots, rather an opportunity to parade as close to 'naked's possible on the street.
which leads me to wonder, has carnival lost its way?

Notting Hill Carnival whilst remaining a Caribbean festival is multi-cultural affair, and a time when pretty much anyone can experience some Caribbean flavour.. at least for a day. It would be Nice therefore to see more costumes depicting or history, a little-bit- more.

We are complex people with a complex past. loved and feared in equal measure.

lets hear what others have to say...

Another from the Archives


Carnival 2017.

Monday, 28 August 2017

Patrice Roberts - All Of It

Patrice again..
It's hard not to sing along to this.
The weather is warm and the sun is shining
Enjoy it x

Top track Patrice

Sunday, 27 August 2017

Music Video of the Week - Yemi.

Africa's Long Serving Leaders pt 1.

It's a beautiful Sunny Sunday.
Apologises for being so quiet of late. The flu held me hostage and my current cough has clearly fallen in love with me, the fever clearly jealous, proposed last night but I had to decline:)

So I Blog from my bed currently but will be up and cooking in hmmmmm, 30mins or so.
So how are you?

It is Carnival Weekend in London so all roads lead to Notting Hill, but I will pass on that this year and have a restful one locally.

What do Africa's Longest serving Leaders have in common?.
They fought for the independence of their country.
Or overthrew someone who did.
Anyway, colonialism and long serving leaders ae intrinsically linked.
I am not a psychologist rather a social scientist who believes that a key issue for our long serving leaders is not greed, ( purely) but TRUST, or rather A lack of it.

Who can they trust to take over the Leadership?.
Who will ensure 'Africa' (rather their own African county) does not return to it's colonised state ( even though it has in many ways)

Jose Eduardo dos Santos ruled Angola for 38 years. Yes 38. but decided not to stand again for 2017.

The MPLA party have now announce a clear victory with João Lourenço as Angola's new President.
Dos Santos will not be far away. He remains an active party member.

Oil rich Angola served the dos Santos family well, so I'm sure the new President will be equally jubilant.

Here's a bit of Triva.
Did this song have anything to do with the politics of Angolas MPLA?
I believe it did. Reggae, such a crucial tool in Africa's liberation.


I have to cook.. now!

Saturday, 19 August 2017

Masterkraft & Reekado Banks – I Go Dance

What do you do on a Saturday night?

Surely in varies right?
Sometimes, I just want to get lost in music.. in or out
There are times when it's the only way
...and this tune is perfect for it
Masterkraft is so talented, I don't think I've ever heard a poor production from him

and I'm loving the sax

'Ok I go dance, shake my body..'

Burna Boy – Rock Your Body

Yemi Alade - Knack Am

When Caribbean people call the wrong number

Weekend WOW Factor: Sierra Leone, Mugabe, Nnamdi Kanu

What a week...
Post election protests and violence in Kenya, Charlottesville civil unrest , Sierra Leone floods, Kagame sworn in for another 7 years ( On behalf of the people of the DRC 'congrats')
Grace Mugabe ( have mercy what now) , protests outside Abuja House in London ( even if it was tiny) , Bruce Forsths's departure ( 'cuddly toy cuddly toy') , vans recklessly, mowing people down and to top it all off I've had the flu all week

Well hot damn!...Has the world lost its way?


President Kagame


Abuja Hse Protest


Can somebody please tell me what this is? :-]
Somebody come get your husbands..


Every year during and between the rainy season ( June - Oct) Sierra Leone experiences heavy flooding. The hardest hit/most affected, tend to be the poorest communities, with floods ravaging homes and often taking lives.
Whilst the recent devastating floods may be the worst experienced by Sierra Leone in years, little has been done year -on - year to mitigate or guard against these annual floods. In fact, despite warnings against the continued levels of deforestation, poor sanitation, ineffective town and country planning, it's fair to say that very little change has taken place with regards to preparing for the ( expected) heavy rainfall.

Critics argue that current ministers are simply just too busy building mansions, buying homes abroad, educating their children abroad, and re allocating government funds to personal accounts .. to use the money to develop communities, take the precautions necessary, or simply put...care
That's what critics say.

Here is a list of current ministers
(and the people to write to should you feel so inclined)

His Excellency Dr Ernest Bai Koroma President & Minister of Defence

Ambassador Dr Victor Bockarie Foh Vice President

Mr Momodu L. Kargbo Minister of Finance and Economic Development

Dr Samura M.W. Kamara Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Co-operation

Mr Maya Kaikai Minister of Local Government and Rural Development

Mr Joseph F. Kamara Attorney-General and Minister of Justice

Mr Mohamed Bangura Minister of Information and Communications

Ms. Nanette Thomas Minister of Political and Public Affairs

Capt. Momodu Allieu Pat-Sowe Minister of Trade and Industry

Dr Minkailu Bah Minister of Education, Science and Technology

Alhaji Ibrahim Kemoh Sesay Minister of Works, Housing, And Infrastructure

Mr Henry O. Macauley Minister of Energy

Alhaji Minkailu Mansaray Minister of Mines and Mineral Resources

Mr Leonard Balogun Koroma Minister of Transport and Aviation

Dr Sylvia Blyden Minister of Social Welfare, Gender and Children's Affairs

Ms. Elizabeth Mans Minister of Fisheries, and Marine Resources

Dr Mathew Teambo Minister of Labour And Social Security

Prof. Patrick Monty Jones Minister of Agriculture, Food Security, and Forestry

Mr Sidi Yahya Tunis Minister of Tourism and Culture

Ms. Diana Konomanyi Minister of Lands, Country Planning and the Environment

Mr Ahmed Khanou Minister of Sports

Major (Rtd) Palo Conteh Minister of Internal Affairs

Mr Bai Mamoud Bangura Minister of Youth Affairs

Dr Abu Bakarr Fofanah Minister of Health and Sanitation

Mr Momodu Maligie Minister of Water Resources

With millions of pounds now pledged by various governments including China and the UK, the concern of many ( despite their grief) is... what will happen to that money?
With the millions pledged to fight Ebola unaccounted for, do the critics have a point?
Was this disaster avoidable?

Sorry, not this time Mr President


What do Grace Mugabe and Naomi Campbell have in common?

Well...a fiery temper it would seem

The government of Zimbabwe requested diplomatic immunity for Grace, whilst the South African government put airports on red alert [click]

Where is she now?
who knows
Gotta love her


Did you know Nigerian state officials ( senators) are some of the the highest paid in the world? [click]

I can see you all adjusting your CV's as I type


Only reggae can solve this

We forget we are all god

Have a lovely weekend Xx

Friday, 11 August 2017

Friday Night Love

The week has simply flown by. A lovely busy day but i'm glad its Friday as the of/on hot/cold weather has me battling the start of a cold.

However, feeling a bit rough...I came home to a lovely surprise

What this?
A box with my name on it?

I prolonged my joy by washing up first.. no.. actually my joy wasn't prolonged at all, and I washed up with an energy I didn't have even know I had..
I just wanted to open my box

Put a smile on my face as I quickly picked a favourite among them..

Sweet things are even sweeter when you least expect them

Awwww... I love them..


Something for the weekend..

The evolution of the species

" ...I can honestly say I don't ever remember a time of the female buttocks being as big as so many are now.... were they in hiding??.."

Ok, they may look nice.... but can they climb a tree?....
A tree???

Who says that :)

Cool track




Have a nice weekend

Sunday, 6 August 2017

Phyno ft Wande Coal – Zamo Zamo

Weekend Tings. Election Fever, Bolt V Gatlin plus Music from Praiz & Sarkodie:

Will it really take a coalition of 7-8 political parities to topple Robert Mugabe and Zanu PF?
If so.. lol!!

Unity is strength, but whilst a similar coalition worked in The Gambia headed by the handsome Adama Barrow....


"Well... thank you Dawna..."

"You're most welcome my President".. heehee

...Morgan Tsvangirai in my opinion, lacks the charm of Barrow, neither does he appear to have fully won the trust of enough people across the country (or diaspora)


I guess we shall see but it would be a bitter win should they succeed ( which I can't see them doing)
Rather than strength it really suggests an indication of the weakness of any opposition against Zanu
Apparently President Mugabe called them a bunch of Zeros.
Funny man

A fresh up-and- coming party will stand a better chance but we will see.

So... here are a few elections worth looking out for...

Zimbabwe - Between July Aug 2018
Rwanda Paul Kagame - re-elected August (3rd term)
Sierra Leone - March 2018
Nigeria - February 2019
Liberia - Oct 2017
Congo (can't afford it this year.. apparently. Kabila seeking 3rd term)
Kenya - Aug (8th) 2017

[Article] ( 5 African Elections to watch out for in 2017)

[click here for interactive map]

More often than not, stability across Africa is hinged on elections, the build up and subsequent results.
A free fair and transparent election is always sort but equally always questioned.
Yes, elections are serious business across Africa.


Justin Gatlin, after so many failed attempts, finally beat Usain Bolt in the mens 100m.
Despite some observers and fans feeling disgruntled, Gatlin is a reminder to us all that if you want something badly enough.. don't give up.

Athletics is an emotional affair.

I watched the Bolt documentary today and it was indeed very moving.

Well done Justin Gatlin
.. and the great sportsman that is Bolt.
The crowd may have booed, but Bolt took it very well, and Gatlin was right to bow down and show him that love
Nice gesture


We finally have a video to accompany this beautiful song
Nice x

Saturday, 29 July 2017

Alaine - Keep Moving

Duncan Mighty - Akonuche

Fela Kuti - Lady

What's it like to be a descendant of African slaves?

Have you ever wondered?

The question itself is.. well...questionable.
It begs an emotion and makes a judgement in equal measure.
Is there a difference between 'a slave', and 'the enslaved?'

Whilst I feel it's important to make the distinction, lets put that aside for a moment.

Personally, I feel a sense of strength, in the knowledge that I come from a long line of survivors. From my African forefathers to my Caribbean forefathers.
People who overcame one of the worst crimes against humanity we've ever known.
.. and they will never know how special they were.

Some feel guilt, others shame, some anger, others sadness, some curiosity, some confusion, whilst others have little feeling on the matter at all.
There is no one size fits all
For as long as I can remember however, It captured my imagination. I found an uncommon interest in it.
For awhile I would argue with my brother telling him maybe 'his people were slaves but mine were royalty'..( yes, I was cheeky early on) his response was.... 'Dawna... what's your last name?''
My bro. I miss him.
So, as I grew in knowledge and understanding I came to accept a period in my history as a source of pride, at the resistance shown over the years, in what really was a 'long walk to freedom'.

Cape Coast Castle helped to bring my past, my history so much closer to me in every sense, one realisation being that it wasn't as long ago as we often feel it is.

When I told my sister I was visiting, she initially recoiled abit, as in .. 'why would you do that?'
but it's perhaps not until you stand in a slave dungeon, or walk the steps of your forefathers, for yourself can you begin to comprehend the magnitude of the experience.
It's an odd sensory and emotional experience in many ways
My women who went before me... and men, have my respect.
For those who didn't make it across, they too have my unwavering respect also, and I live with the memory of my people

They are my ancestors

It's a lot to live up to, I know, but I try

My culture, my history, is rich and I love it, It's diverse, magical and complex, all that has gone before me to make me what I am....

Magical... and complex

Fela Kuti - Colonial mentality

Weekend catch up Zone

Saturday vibes.

Spent most of the morning in bed, finally surfacing with the knowledge that things were not going to 'do themselves'.
I have the builders in who managed to leave a bit of a mess, the bulk of which thankfully Ti sorted before I got home from work, which is definitely appreciated.

So, I decided not to stress, simply tackie it little at a time.
..that done. and it's time to catch up with current affairs, music and take some 'me time'. I'll finish up tomorrow all being well.
Everything is work in progress.

Dinner over, and I quite fancy a glass of Rose ( or Orijin, or some kind of beer), but have none in of either.

I don't think I've drunk any alcohol in a year.. Or perhaps months is more accurate, as I remember a rather sweet Port I discovered.


Tipping Point?

Disturbances in Dalston last night dominated much of social media. Clashes between police and the public. From what Ive seen it does appear the police response was rather heavy handed, helicopter, horseback...dogs? ( reminiscent of Soweto uprising) Dalston? come on , did they really need the riot police?

You cannot be serious.

Funniest comment I read goes to anonymous who simply said.. 'please, whatever you do... don't touch Nando's!'

Nowt as queer as folk, we are funny

Tensions have been mounting since the death of a young black man in police custody.
And sincere sympathy goes out to his family and friends at what must be an unquestionably difficult time for them.
I have seen footage of his arrest and it really is as incriminating as it gets. Should be an easy one for the IPCC, or. not.

There are several reasons why I remain fairly quiet on the subject.
One is possibly the most selfish so I'll start with that..
I simply try to rashion the amount of bad news I consume
I need to..
Spiritually, I ration.
Other reasons include, that the entire thing raises so many questions for me, and I'm still processing.


Are we facing an identity crisis?

For many... globally, these are, unsettling times
We have Pan-Africanists with little interest in the continent
We have people shouting f the police , yet remain reliant on them
We have the age old issue of predominantly British born black African Caribbeans facing disproportionate levels of discrimination, or rather the global systematic inequality that those of African descent tend to experience
yet ironically, we often find that as tensions build and frustrations go unaddressed, the oppressed tend to oppress each other

Identity is an interesting concept.
Britain is facing a 'culture and Identity crisis'.
What continues to emerge is an in-group, and an out-group.
It's nothing we've not seen before for those who have lived in the UK long enough, but it's re-emergence at this particular time is interesting to say the least.
The Brexit campaign triggered an emotional response to the 'fear of the other'. The result has since given rise to a need for many people to re-define who and what we are as British people.

With many, trying to fit into a system that was simply never designed to benefit or favour them in any way. Resistance to, and pressure from, make uncomfortable bed fellows.
Passing a citizenship test and gaining citizenship, is great!... and of course, to those that do, well done!, but for those  that are required the undertaking of such tests the realilty is that one day they may wake up, and realise, that there still is no such thing as 'Britishness'... for them.

Colonial Mentality

I believe that Africa really must take responsibility for the state of their nations. Yes, but denying the impact of colonialism is a little like denying the holocaust.
You simply cannot do that.

The impact that colonialism has had on the African continent remains to this day.
The faux leaders historically installed by British and American forces have helped to maintain both it's legacy, and international control over the continent in terms of business and resources. So yes, whilst there is no denying that the continent has had a series of poorly performing leaders, poor governance and minimal development of civil society, [click] the truth is that countries across Africa have had some amazing leaders, who in their greatness, were suspiciously assassinated, at very young ages.
Dare we forget them?
That is no accident.


Mama Africa Music Zone

I miss Ghana very much x