Saturday, 16 December 2017

Weekend Catch Up

The weather the weather.
Its been so cold, and the flu kept me in bed a few days, but I'm back, with an increased appetite , liquid iron, and a desire to 'do' Christmas minus stress, and look ahead to the new year.

Oddly enough I've not looked ahead too much, perhaps because the present has had my full attention. I do wish I'd saved some of my leave as now would be a great time to get away.
Still.. I have cooking responsibilities, so maybe not .

I say that quite frequently these days with increasing passion.


Brexit is pretty much dominating our politics, that and interest rates, and men 'feeling up' woman without their permission and being exposed. (who knew)

As I tune in and out of the news, I completely understand those who say they never watch or read it.
Biggest propaganda tool of our times influencing out thoughts and feelings on a daily basis.


I recently bought Ginger Wine, and Port , both of which were quite lovely, and shall be on my shopping list pre xmas.
I'm planning a low key and enjoyable one. A few days off is something not to be sniffed at.


I came across a live post recently where a guy was asking why it is that Africans fail to get the protection from the motherland one would expect. He challenged certain 'fighters'/groups who shall remain nameless, to venture to Libya to fight for and free their brothers and sisters, he was quite angry at what he saw as a consistency negligent continent with negligent leaders who seemingly allow Africans in the diaspora to be treated appallingly , yet have little to say.. or do.
I think perhaps they simply have their hands full.. at home

Its been mentioned before that the African voice has been too quiet over racism in America, or across Europe, yet ironically Obama wasted no time in telling African leaders to 'fix up!'
To a great round of applause.


Much praise was levied at Ghanaian President Nana Akufo-Addo recently, who spoke very eloquently and passionately about the need for Africa and Africans to be less reliant on aid, and previous colonial power France et al, for support and guidance.
Alongside him stood President Macron

Most people will share his sentiments. Many have said the same
Yet unless the talk is followed by action they remain just fine words

Words are fine. they inspire and encourage, they motivate and can be visionary, leading to great things. Yet when they fail to be followed by concrete action, those same very fine words can anger, and frustrate, in equal measure.

Nice speech.

I remember A similar fine speech from Thomas Sankara.
Who was betrayed in the a 'friend'.



  1. The weather is friggin' freezin. Sorry to hear you had flu, I was unwell too, but just a heavy cold not flu.

    So do you have increasing passion to get away or to cook, I wasn't sure. :D

    1. ha!.. to get away!
      hope you're much better too x