Monday 31 March 2014

You can't plan for everything.. sometimes.. things just happen

Some days are filled with surprises
Some good some bad
This evening was a mixed bag.
After I got in, I heard of some really bad/sad news, then later on.. you know that that nice warm feeling you get when you make a new friend?.. I got that

I had a lovely day yesterday
When I think back to it, I smile
The on going reminder that life is full of surprises

I used to sing this over and over after I first heard it.. even before I knew the name of the singer. I had no idea what she was really singing about either.. it just sounded heartfelt.

I have one album by the Brand New has this track on it

But my favourite version has always been

Now.. I bet you didn't expect this track to be here did you? see.. surprises.

Or this..
It's a beautiful song

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