Sunday 28 June 2015

Just another day..

A Chinese woman came to the door asking if it was my address. I said .. "who wants to know?".. then.. "hang on a minute.."
I shut it.
Turns out .. Ti had ordered Chinese.

That boy, I tell you :)


Then he offers me a prawn cracker
" No thanks..I don't eat prawns!.. or Chinese take aways!"

How long has he lived with me?
Does anybody actually know me around these parts?


My day has been a funny kind of day.
Started with the usual lovely hormonal imbalance of a woman enjoying the joys of being a woman
Happy, then sad, then happy, then in pain.. yeah ... live up!

Then cleaning all the dishes Ti and co had left for me overnight.. then scrambling today a meal for later.. the token rice n peas and some kinda veg dish

Then blogging of course, and watching debates

Then stressed.. then feeling like kwap. Then looking in the mirror, then looking away

Then eating chocolate, and drinking almond milk
then feeling militant and wanting to change the world for the better and honestly believing I could lol
then relaxing in the tub
then feeling better
A bit of G Porter..
A chat with Mr K

All lovely stuff

All in a days work


Us women.. we multi task

Now I could use a nice massage and a cuddle. Let someone else work out how to put the world to right
I just need to try and manage my corner!
That will keep me busy enough for sure.. it has so far..

Have a nice evening x

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