Sunday 7 February 2016

Dr Umar on love and sex

Sample the cookie before you buy?
Oh dear.. I guess if you've had alot of cookies you'll develop a preference
I like masculine men.. Not arrogant, but have 'some swag'.. and/or a very good brain
Funny thing is that masculine thing can be sooooooo annoying at times! :)

This was interesting too. It always takes me awhile with Dr Umah cause he says things that wind me up... but he has some good points too..
'Almost divorced'... that's a good one....

He's off key about the lesbianism thing.. maybe some but its offensive to say its a psychological 'issue'.
Funnily enough... lots of men.. like to watch women together
Is that an 'issue'

lol... having watched more...this is not a romantic video at all... lardamercy!

Oh well.. balance an all.. ying and yang.. a libran thing..

Quote - 'The vagina of a black women is a back route to her unconscious mind...'

Now.... I know you aint gonna hear another statement like that all week and if you do... holla at me.. abeg lol!

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  1. For me masculinity is attractive in everyone, whatever their gender, unfortunately it's femininity I have a problem with.