Tuesday 24 May 2016

The white English woman exciting the Nollywood film Industry

She drops it better than me lol!
I quite like her, she seems cool

It's interesting though, and just goes to show how we are able to select and acquire culture/s at our will.
However, the main reason for her fame appears to be her ethnicity. Her skin colour, and the fact that she hails from a small English town. For as we know, a black women hailing from an English town with the ability to speak another dialect would not raise many eyebrows.
Funny how things change, yet nothing changes
Some will call it cultural appropriation... but I wont even go down that road.
I will say however that the fascination 'Africa' has with Europeans remains intact.
Well done to her though... follow your dreams and whatever makes you happy.

What would Mugabe say I wonder

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