Thursday 3 January 2019

Small Steps Towards the Garden When It's Too Dark To Do Much

Being back at work means it's dark when I come home, but as I still wanted to do something to contribute to my garden plans I searched out some free planks online, to make raised beds. Surprisingly there were some available not far from my home so I stopped by after work to ask about them.

They had loads out the back, but I didn't have my car so carried one home. It was heavier than I thought.

Buoyed by my vision I then decided to look into how to make them on youtube, then felt abit deflated.

I am sooo not technical.
I've never made anything with wood, so god knows how I'll do it.

These guys are so creative!

I enjoyed watching but Jesh... I am way behind in the skills department

I'll struggle to find so much as a screwdriver here at the moment, let alone a Saw, Screws, Hammer and whatever else.
The upside is the planks are free.

I'll worry about the building when it's the time to build.
Something to aim for.
I'll grab the car and pick the rest of the planks up on Saturday.

Here's the one I picked up on the way home from work

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