Sunday 24 November 2019

Weekend WOW Factor: KGM - Kogi State Shenanigans and UK Elections

My trip to the Kigali Genocide Museum/Memorial is something I'll never forget. I had an amazing guide talk me through each stage from beginning to end, and mid way the reality struck, and I really felt emotional. Learning as I did, of the task ahead to heal the pain, and unite the people , to the point that Rwanda has become the shining light of Africa, was a lesson in what can be achieved when people truly work together, and have a leader with a vision.
The people are very special.

It's a reminder of the saying, BE the change you wish to see.
The rain never falls on one mans house, and the sun, shines for all.


Meanwhile.. in Nigeria, the Kogi State Elections was pretty dire

Listen to how my fav girl was treated....
Don't fret beautiful Natasha, keep doing your best

Question tho... what kind of man pushes a female governorship candidate to the floor.....?
( any woman for that matter..)
So, they re-elected a man who doesn't pay salaries?...

We have elections coming up next month.. I simply can't imagine violence , or ballot box snatching.

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