Sunday 26 January 2020

Weekend WOW Factor: The Markle Effect

Well, it's old news now that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex ( otherwise known as Harry and Megan) decided to step down as senior royals and relocate to Canada, and despite the mega furore that ensued, my thoughts were.... hmmmm.... could there be a 'fallout' for black women in the UK?.

I must admit that for an entire week, I was quietly hooked on the heated debates, both online and off. This was 'Love Island' ...Royal style.

I jest of course... I don't watch Love Island.

Some comments in threads online, even on reputable professional talk programs, were really reprehensible, and a bit scary when you consider it could be anyone writing that stuff 'anonymously', but hey, it is what it is.

There were two main narratives concerning what happened.
One being that racism was at play and ultimately, 'attitudes', became too unbearable for the couple, and they had to flee.

The other narrative being that it's about duty, and Megan 'simply not trying hard enough to fit in.

That both seem to revolve around Megan is funny - but hey, again.. it is what it is.

In truth, nobody knows, but I wondered if the anger of the people would, or could, reach a tipping point, with black women becoming a target for covert and overt 'you took our Prince'...hostilities.

Some may say what's new, but even as hot coals begin to turn to embers, a little raking up could set them ablaze again

Pushy , demanding, disrespectful, were just a few adjectives that I heard repeated over and over.

Will black women receive side eyes?, be denied a seat on the tube? - recieve unpleasant customer service?
If so, could it be that we would be witnessing, could hence forth be known as 'The Markle Effect?'.

It was as if my thoughts were being voiced, as leaving my home one morning, I received a very cheery 'good morning', from a random builder, and was also given first dibs getting on a bus.

It's ok guys... relax lol.

There are numerous ironies about the whole thing - after all, it's not as if Prince Harry married Lupita Nyong'o, you know, the dark skinned Kenyan beauty.

No, he married Megan Markle, who, by most accounts, looks racially ambiguous, with a similar complexion to his own.

The only way, the UK were really able to 'place' Megan's racial background, was.... her mother.

Megan's mother looks like a black woman.

To date, her mother seems to have done no wrong publicity wise.
Her father however and sister, both white, seem a little 'rough' but it's to them, that the media turned to, to further add salt to the wound.

In truth, one hopes that their love and marriage will last.
For Prince Harry, his most upsetting loss, may be losing his military titles, and we pray that he will never utter in anger the words - 'I gave it all up for you'
They have both made sacrifices, and the wise among us may say that ... love - is a gamble.
I'm sure there's a 'Corinthians' chapter in there somewhere... ( look it up - I'm feeling lazy)

At the end of the day, the Royal Family just became that bit more boring - as Megan and Harry are a good looking couple, with a little bit of X factor.

Once the dust settles, and Brexit is back on the front pages, it would be great if the brothers can rebuild their relatiosnhip, and become close once more , including their wives.
We all love a happy ending after all.

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