Sunday 2 August 2015

Weekend WOW Factor - Let the people stay...

Why has the 'migrant crisis' taken a 'sour turn'
Our PM's 'so called' lack of compassion is not a recent phenomena.
But he is also playing to his audience..
Those who voted him in, and continue to support his government policies
The crisis of displaced people seeking solace in lands far far away is a human problem and a world problem.. if indeed , it is a 'problem'.
If it is a problem then the question is why?
Ultimately the discourse will boil down to one of economics.
But when the' far right' come out to 'demonstrate', it's debatable whether or not the agenda is simply one of economics, if at all

Perhaps the problem is that we see it as a problem

In reality it shouldn't be.
It is an opportunity
To revise our immigration and foreign policies, and the rest..and..
To be compassionate
There are simply far too many conflicts taking place across the globe,( many of which 'the West' have had, or have, a hand in) and those caught in the cross fire, will need and want to get away.
I am not suggesting that all those who want to come to the UK are doing so as a result of conflict, but for many that is the uncomfortable reality. The rest perhaps we can easily put down to neo colonialism, and the remainder? life, hopes dreams personal ambition love.. who knows.
I'm not the border police.
However... conflict is a major issue.

The number of IDP's in places such as South Sudan is reportedly over 1.5 million [click]
Here in the UK, the number of poorer people who are reportedly being relocated to places outside of London, to make room for those who can afford it, ( another form of IDP, or social cleansing) is increasingly alarming.

But who cares.

For some reason there are many people who honestly believe that migrants are living a great life, gaining 'freebies' on arrival into the UK

Today's Daily Mail headline will help to stoke the flames of that belief, and intolerance.

The so called migrant crisis highlights the intolerance many 'British' people have with people who look different, and sound different.

We 'the British' can go anywhere in the world 'we' please..
demand fish and chips over indigenous cuisine, buy land and set up shop.
Just don't try and come here huh...

Words matter.
I will always remember the association of the word cockroaches and the Rwandan genocide
When David Cameron speaks about a swarm of people, negative connotations are unavoidable.
In my humble and perhaps some would argue too soft opinion, Britain should be a safe haven for displaced people.
But in my opinion every land should be a safe haven, period.
It isn't.. because more often than not...we suck.
there is an unfair, unequal distribution of wealth and access to opportunities..
..and we fight too much

Good morning all.. Happy Sunday x

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  1. i agree with you. every place should be a safe haven