Wednesday 30 September 2015

Goodbye September, birthdays and Ky-mani Marley

For the 1st time in years I didn't bake a birthday cake.
I took what's known as... 'time out..'
and as a result.. this year..

.. a cake was bought for me
Happy birthday to me, and my daughter

As one card said.. thank god for granting me (us) another year

My 1st birthday without my bro wishing me happy earthday.. only for me to do the same 7 days later

It was a bright and sunny day in London today
The last day of September.. a day I love, and some late summer sun

See you September ( all being well) next year


  1. What a cool cake. It was a nice day today wasn't it? Happy Birthday to you and your daughter!!!

  2. Happy Belated birthday to you and your daughter! Sorry about your brother.

  3. Happy Birthday, Dawna! I'm sure your brother was with you in spirit as well as in your heart. I'm always grateful for each birthday I get to enjoy ~ too many of my friends have died too young. I wish you many more happy years!

  4. This is a long break for you, Dawna! I hope you're still celebrating that birthday and everything is A-Okay!

    1. Hi Fundy.. yes it has been hasn't it.. I'm okay tnx x back soon