Monday 28 September 2015

Signs and wonders

Ti has had really bad tonsillitis for over a week now. Seriously, when your 'child' is unwell.. you don't rest
Anywho.. this evening, as I was telling him that soup was on the menu for him ( again) he looked at me .. quite forlorn
'I really don't want soup mum.'. 'I don't want soup, your aubergine dish.. or anything soft like that.. I just want real food!'
'Eat to nourish your body Ti not for fun'..

Then the door knocked...
On answering, the upstairs neighbour presented Ti with a plate of food..
Apparently, he dropped his BBQ in our back garden earlier today and decided to apologize to Ti, and thank him for his help with a plate of some tasty Turkish grub

he didn't look like this...

The meat looked great, the salad looked great, and it smelled really good
'Wow..' said Ti.. 'that was a sign from god'

then he tripped and nearly dropped the lot.

It was nice of our neighbour though.. helped me out there too!
Ti got to eat some 'real food'


  1. When my kids were sick, I felt exhausted. Taking care of them wore me out. I don't know why. It wasn't as if they were so sick that they were bedridden. Something about their illnesses got to me.


  2. Its that connection mums have i guess Janie
    It can be tiring but we just don't like seeing them miserable etc

  3. I hope that Ti is coming round and feeling better! And I'm glad that he got some "real" food! Having been on clear liquid diets in the hospital a number of times, I know how great something real tastes!!!! Hope you're feeling rested too! Take care, Dawna!

    1. I'm pleased to say that today he said he actually felt alot better. Thank god for that.
      Me too, i got some rest
      thanks Fundy