Friday 9 October 2015

The pace of change

I couldn't tell you the last time I've slept all through the night.
Its been awhile.
Sometimes, I'll read, go on-line, check out some articles, sometimes I'll just think about stuff

The pace of change ebs and flows.
One thing is certain.. change is inevitable.
Change can be exciting, scary, something you wish to attract, or something you wish to keep at bay. I guess it all depends on what 'the change' is..

A good change can be viewed as something which enhances your life and state of well being. Brings you closer to those you love, and strengthens you mentally, spiritually, and physically
Something which engenders feelings of happiness and contentment
A bad change, can be viewed as the opposite to all the above.

Someone once said to me, it's not the 'change' necessarily, but how you perceive and respond to what's happening.

Most of us have hopes and dream.. things we aspire do (or be).. states to reach.
A glitch in the road is rarely ( if ever) welcome.


I met a woman who has reconciled with her husband after a period of separation ( and interference.. I mean support, from her pastor)
Being a 'romantic' I expressed my warmest regards..
As we continued to speak however she burst into tears.
Seems (for her) the love isn't there. and neither are the state benefits she was once entitled to.
For whatever reason, she claimed that her husband wont give her any money.
I asked her why I (I'm nosey.. I mean curious.. like that)
She said.. African men... they don't care... and pulled a face.
Rightly or wrongly I didn't respond.. she needed to talk - get stuff off her chest

I'm hopeful that things will change for them both for the better. and they are able to live as a man and wife should live
with love kindness gratitude understanding and respect at the core.
( don't quote me on that rather short list)

It's a sad day when a woman see the state as a better husband than her actual husband

I guess I could have said 'lady.. meanness is not a default African trait.. a mean man is just a mean man.. wherever he's from'.
But as I said.. she was crying
What do you think.. should you worry if you never ever see your partners wallet?


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