Monday 19 October 2015

Why work matters

I've spent many years supporting others to find work or to improve thier education and skills. In the main its been an enjoyable and very rewarding job. I've always managed to remain positive, and provide those feeling despare with some hope.
I've been able somehow to assist them in feeling more positive and hopeful, and often, ( not always) they have managed to find work pretty soon after.

Unemployment is easier to deal with when it's not at your door.

If a family member is unemployed, it can be really tough... everyone suffers.

You may witness them descend into self doubt, and see an increase in low moods and despair..

That's why....

I'm not a Tory.

I do not believe that those who are unemployed are so because of some 'fault of their own' which is often the Tory belief.

I do believe that there are those who stop trying.. and need help to get back on track

People stop trying for different reasons, but ultimately, to stop trying' is often a big cry for help

Work matters because it's so closely linked to our concept of who we are. The wages enable us to take care of ourselves and our loved ones.
Pay the bills.
It means we don't have to beg , sell sex, lie , cheat or steal from others ( although some still do) to get by.
Work gives us a sense of purpose.. we feel that we are part of society, we contribute. We can hold our heads up somewhat

Ironically an aspect of my job is to try to help people to feel that way even without a job
It's a challenge.. but ultimately it's important.
because as 'gods children'.. we have to try to believe, that we are more than our jobs
We've got to feel good about ourselves...
..who we are when we have... and who we are when we have not

Easier said than done
I guess it helps to hold on to your dreams

You Matter...Good morning x


  1. I totally agree with you and that's why I'm not a Tory either. Never was, never will be.

  2. I thought we'd be hearing more of Compassionate Conservatism .. squeezing Labour a bit tighter.. but then someone told me they intend to cut working tax credits... so maybe not