Wednesday 31 August 2016

Skinny Banton - Soak It Good & Marq Pierre Addicted - Patrice Roberts - Old & Grey

"Tro some oil in it".
Infectious track and vid.
Do you know.. there's a guy in this vid with the biggest dong. (he's on the left...)
Good morning x

Still with me?.. ok.. you can recover now..

Notting Hill Carnival was jammed packed. I wasn't sure if I could do the crowd this year, but I decided to give it my best. On arrival and on my way to the parade ( Soca baby) I did catch dome of Luv Injection and Saxon Sound. Few other sounds, a line of men about 5 men pissing in the street ( weirdest looking thing I've seen in awhile) Paid too much for Salfish and Ackee, but it tasted great and was exactly what i needed. Walked for miles ( again what I needed) and enjoyed the sights, and some really great music.


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