Wednesday 23 November 2016

Size 10 no give or take - ft Infinite Waters

Well.. I've lost my love handles. I wasn't even trying. I'm size 10 and fine with it.
I suspect my aim now will be to gain a little weight :\

It may have something to do with not actually having a full meal for two days! ( didn't even feel hungry) why?
I've been so busy including decorating, that I honestly haven't had time. That said.. I've just eaten a plate possibly unseemly for a lady I'm sure
Who said anyway?
The plate was big, and now ..its gone, and yes.. I'm feeling much better.

I remember back when I ate no fish, then got pregnant and craved it.
So.. I've been on the fish ever since
For you foodies out there , you may enjoy this
I can definitely do much better. I'll watch this every so often for tips
It's a life style change, more and more people are embracing

Can I say.. I really cannot eat and drink at the same time, I thought it was weird but apparently its a pretty good thing to do

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