Wednesday 3 May 2017

11 funny signs that help you to recognise an election is nigh

Why 11?
Coz it's not 10.

1. People you don't recognise, know, or barely see in your local community, may knock at your door stating that they're from a particular party, and are working hard on your behalf representing you and your needs... the conversation (should you wish to accept it), may end with the line... 'so can we count on your vote'...

Response: 'Ermmm, sure, ok!', well you promised the others so you then decide to promise them all....

2. You may be shocked to discover the Liberal Democrat party... is still functioning.. with more than one party member..

3. There will be 'gaffs'(they're only human)

4. You are reminded that for many politicians, there is rarely such a thing as a straight answer.. to a straight question

5. You will hear the phrase.. 'A country that works for everyone'... alot!

6. You may begin to wonder.. exactly who will pay the Brexit bill.... [click]

7. Some politicians may develop a new found love for holding other people's babies, talking to young people, the elderly, the un-or underemployed, and so called 'ethnic minorities'

8. You may find yourself.. despite initially feeling quite nonchalant.. with a renewed interest in politics... ( or a burning desire to switch off completely)

9. You will hear the word.. 'we' a lot, as in.. 'we need to make a difference', which will either make you feel included ( Awww) ... or... want to simply chew on your left toe nail, mumbling we??.. since when do I matter in all this!'...

10. It may be suggested that we the public have a choice between, stability or absolute chaos.
How this choice is viewed will depend on;
Whether you believe it to be a true statement in the 1st instance, and ultimately, whether you believe in a fairer tax system and stronger investment into public service, which may boil down to a debate on that age old question.. should those of us who earn more.. pay more?.

In short, your core values, morals and beliefs may begin to feel somewhat exposed.....

Fret not darlings, you're a good person and won't be exiled to 'purgatory' for having an opinion!

11. You may find yourself watching the news like this...

Yep, it's warming up folks... :)
.. and I certainly don't mean the weather...


My eldest son made dinner... It was absolutely delicious..
Washed up an everything.!.. nice! I really appreciate that.. and shall fight the need to 'do something', in the kitchen tonight

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