Monday 1 May 2017

Saltfish and Bank Holiday 'tings' ft music by Adekunle Gold - Work

Happy New month

Bank holiday break and a chance to catch up with mum.
The morning looked very promising indeed, but initial appearances buckled under scrutiny as the weather quickly changed into a blustery rainy, dark grey cloud threatening to burst its contents any minute, kind of day
Well.. England we deh.

Still all was well, I was feeling level, and not even the weather was going to unbalance me. (today)

It was actually an interesting day in many ways. I managed to lock myself out of the house, with both me and Ti expecting the other would have the door keys only to realise that neither did!

The realisation that parking permits are about to be introduced on my road, (eliciting more cash) peeved me as I tried to find a parking space nearby to 'allow' the 'money guzzling' 'process' to take place.

But what was more interesting was the conversations enjoyed today.
My mum, had cooked us sailfish in preparation for our visit, but was minus the Ackee. Neither myself or Ti was willing to step back out into the rain, and realising this, my mum then asked if we'd like boiled eggs with it instead
'huh?1'.. boiled eggs??'.. 'where's that come from?'

'Which country combines sailfish and boiled eggs?', we enquired finding it somewhat amusing
Well.. apparently... none.
Turns out.. It's just my mum being creative

Of course.

But often, that's how it goes.
When we consider the 'story' of the 'dishes' we eat and consider cultural or traditional we may be surprised.
In some cases it could simply be that a woman somewhere just tried something different to feed her hungry family. and bam. It caught on.

Quite often, very few of us really know why we do the things we do.
We just do them, as our parents or parents parents did them..
but the salthfish and boiled eggs things?.. hmmm.. It can work I guess...

But I prefer Ackee every time


I love this song and now accompanying video

I love the lyrical sentiment, and the video is definitely right up my street, depicting real life and culture plus it steers away from the stereotypical gyrating women vibe.
To be fair.. the lyrical content of the song would not have suited that anyway but well done to Mr Moe Musa..

Great director!

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