Sunday, 25 June 2017

My time in Kumasi Ghana with Thrive Africa pt 1

My trip to Ghana was to spend two weeks working as a volunteer with Thrive Africa A wonderful Charity doing amazing things to support schools such as Bantama Presby Primary School...

School veranda

Thrive undertake projects such as building libraries..and several other affiliated projects including Enliven, which delivers classes for young women and mums, teaching them useful life skills such as sewing, enabling them to take care of themselves, their children and earn a living.

With some of the students at Enliven

As a project/community development worker, it was refreshing to see traditional methods of community development being used and being effective.
Increasingly, in London, in our desire to modernise community development, I have found that in many cases we seem to have left 'the community' behind. Either that, or we inadvertently drag what we consider 'a community', kicking and screaming to our new and improved reality of doing things.
Keen to measure social value yet rarely really contemplating.. the social value ..for who?
Progress is good but not always inevitable

I was able to reflect.


Getting up at 5am each day was a joy!!.
Had me feeling, and looking like this..


and this..

Everyday. :)

To rise and start ones day in a beautiful organic environment, to look out.. step out, and feel the stirring of the suns heat, is a wonderful thing.
The drive to work each day was so unlike my London comment, scenic and blessed.
No Highbury and Islington stn crush here


By the end of my working day (which wss mid afternoon.. ) I was able to rest looking a little like this!
Don't let the mosquito net fool you , I never used it, and was bitten every single day!
Still... I took a little London house top and shower cap, just to remind me of home:)

...I think the mosquitos took note!..

Ghana is truly a beautiful place, Kumasi is stunning and the teachers at Bantama Primary School are an inspiration
West Africa, in general.. is beautiful, and I do tend to gravitate to that region above any other


Me with Teacher Patrica.. the 1st teacher to actually reignite my love of maths. Seriously.. I thought that was long gone :)She found my fear amusing, which in turn led me to find it amusing.. and completely irrational!

My role was to support teachers in whatever way, in this case I assisted with marking students work, and took a class In careers ( more of a talk really, which I enjoyed) with the students vocally expressing their desire to become pilots. doctors, teachers and much more.
I conducted interviews with students and teachers, generally learning more about life at Bantama School.

Situated in Kumasi, Bantama Presbyterian Primary School, is currently in need of funding to assist with ....

ICT equipment...

Books, Classroom Space, a Science Lab and bathroom facilities, for the children and teachers who attend.
Support is most welcome and needed!

More details to follow...


It would be unlike me not to include some music so here is the No1 song that played everyday several times a day throughout my stay cementing its place in my heart as one of my favourite songs that will forever remind me of my stay.

From Nigeria straight to Ghana

Ok.. and this one also... every day without fail
Becca & Bisa!!

Our singalong tunes :-) x

Anyone interested in getting involved, supporting the school or Thrive Africa can make contact via the website [click]

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