Saturday, 25 May 2013

The best within us

Well..young C has been laid to rest. Very sad and surreal day. Friends and family, old secondary school teachers etc.The University students are to set up an award in his honor which is a really nice gesture. Proud of T, he spoke well... they all did. Rev R did a top job...very moving.. bringing out the best within us, reminding us of what is
Was quiet all day.. not much to say really. Was more of a reflective day. Today? today is a day to kick back , and take things step at a time.. things to do, but wont push it.

Quite alot has happened over the past year... yet I suspect this is probably true for alot of us out there. Still, keep pushing on is the moto. I've learnt quite a bit though..in all areas, and in my studies received a merit for my last assignment which was nice and is a good sign.
Sun's out but it's still a bit chilly. I'm working on my default.. pushing people away button.. which crops up every now and then. In fact, so many aspects of my life force me to challenge that, which I suspect is why despite my pleasure of solitude every so often, I still gravitate to wards others, and they to me at times. Like it or not :)
but I try to be discerning.. I think that's key. Give and take.
Had to cancel movie night last night as I was too tired after events of the day, but I'll see if I can fit in a day this extended weekend
Go with the flow, try to fit in time for myself, and time for others seems to be the order of the day

Enjoy your Saturday