Monday, 13 May 2013

Why we need Lauryn

"Lauryns in jail now.."
"I know. I blame Wycliffe."
"What?? For her not paying her bills!?!.. typical woman.."

The discussion turned to the ways in which the media and certain artists like Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj, and Beyonce, have a particular image, portray a particular lifestyle, seemingly subscribe to a particular doctrine, and how seductive it is.

Ti listens to most music.. but will readily admit he doesn't really bother much with hip hop anymore.* although I've now left with the sounds of it ringing in my ears.. and his head boppin'* :)

"Wasn't she married to a Marley?"
"Yeah.. but a lower class Marley"...
"You what!?!"
Even I had to laugh at myself with that one
"Didn’t he beat her?.. why did she stay?"
"Did she stay?"
"Well.. they have 5 children.. stayed long enough".

Here’s the thing.
Lauryn was seemingly doing okay. Elevated the Fugees no doubt.. provided an alternative image of what can be beautiful.. what is beautiful..and has a beautiful mind.

Too much for the many perhaps. Too much influence for a woman like that. So.. very quickly.. again.. that was replaced, with the image we have all come to know, and often try to emulate.
Don’t think about it

19 people shot at a mothers day parade?? Quick mention on the BBC. Come again.. 19??
Apparently the FBI have described it as street violence... what does that mean
Who got shot?.. and who did the shooting?
It’s a big deal.
Yet to describe it as 'street violence' almost implies it's really not that significant.. not tragic.. but a relatively common experience.. like a bar brawl.
Why is that?
Why do you think it's being described in that way?

As I said.. It's a big deal.

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  1. greetings madam dawna, been a blog minute.

    I don't know Lauryn definitely going through some ish in Babylon. Hope she gets released soon and does what she's best at. talking of releases I was laughing at Huhne and his ex wife coming out and providing sound bites about prisoner support, books, etc. they've got their ghetto passes and think they are cool ey?