Friday 18 April 2014

Caribbean bun

Bun at Easter. of those traditions I like..
'The Islands' tend to differ slightly in how we/they make bun e.g..for the bun recipe I've not known stout or red wine to be used

So, I would say, follow the bread recipe just add the spices/fruit/raisins to the dry mixture - keep it simple.

I'm not great a following recipes, as I tend to learn to cook dishes by watching

I was going to make bun but I probably wont now as I should have made it yesterday. never mind.. there may be a bun or two with my name on it in Stokenewington

I find his style a bit messy, feel there are too many ingredients, e.g jam/ browning?!? and i'll not be flaffing about with any greaseproof paper.
Here's my direction - season dough, mix dough, rest dough, roll dough, cook dough.

Hey!!..his bread didn't rise!?

Fun to watch though.. and useful

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