Wednesday 16 April 2014

Terry Linen

We've had some beautiful sun filled days this side of town haven't we.
I'm overlooking the garden as I speak and as I work, it feels nice even if I do feel a bit like a bat and unaccustomed to daylight.

I know I am not alone.
I also know that I will reunite my body with clothes and take a little sun in before the end of the day.
Now.. there are a few singers who I can just easily play in the background, as a soundtrack to my day almost, especially on sunny days like this.
cool n easy

The list is long, but one of those singers is Sanchez, the other is my featured artist today..Terry Linen.
Terry sounds alot like the late great ">Garnett Silk, who died tragically in 1994

The weather looks promising, and as I've treated myself to the kind of BBQ kit that wouldn't look out of place in the Caribbean, that shall be my treat, as soon as I say.
'grab the coal turn up the music, and let's do this'..
Anyway, back to it..

So for now.. I hope you enjoy the sunshine, and these tracks, as much as I x