Sunday 20 April 2014

I was wondering.. what would Jesus say..

Is it okay to be in a bad mood on Easter Sunday?!
Rather.. is it okay to admit it.. openly?!
Well.. I am.
..Going to that is.
I wont tell you exactly why I'm in a bad mood, as it's kinda silly, but not.
Well, okay.. maybe I'll tell you a bit.

My place is furnace hot. My jeans are annoyingly tight, my waist is playing host to an inch that thinks it's cute, my hormones are all over the place, and.. they took off Supersoul Sunday.. a show that tends to focus on spiritual upliftment early in the morning.. and replaced it with ... extreme couponing.. on Easter Sunday for gods sake.
That's deep.

What they tryna say?.. don't pray.. don't uplift thyself - go shopping instead... with coupons.

I have to work so cannot really chill yet, I feel grumpy because this is the second day in a row cooking 'bigish family dinner' which I did early this morning ( as it was Ij's birthday yesterday) and now I feel sorry for myself.
I fancy a hot date away from it all, but hot's kinda cool these days
I'm not scary,
..but maybe some people really do find me intimidating.
Dick e'ds
Good for them.. give 'em a peanut.


Glad that's out of my system
Feeling better already.

Happy Easter! x.


  1. ..........()"""()............
    .........( *o* )............
    happy easter

  2. Happy Easter Birdie.. nice bunny!