Friday 27 November 2015

Omawumi Hello - Adele Cover

As you may have noticed, I have scoured the airways for the numerous Adele 'Hello' covers, and have showcased the ones I've enjoyed the most, and
whilst I'm sure there will be more to come.. (Christopher Martin or Romain Virgo?) I'll end my 'Adele cover showcase' with Nigerian singer Omawumi.
I've chosen this version as it really showcases (in my opinion) her versatility.
Omawumi is equally at home with Nigerian high-life/afro-beat track (see below) as she is with a ballad.
Nice one girl


  1. Hey, By the way, your post about attitudes- great post. I don't see an option beneath to add comments like I did with this post. Strange because there is one post there from someone else. I dont know how it was added.

  2. Thanks Alieux!.. and I'll check that out