Sunday 1 November 2015

On Culture.. from a different space...

I've never posted anything unless I'm seated in a particular my front room. Until now. I'm chilling.. in my bed.
(and I'm posting from my phone)
So , this may, or may not work. goes.

"People travel, and take their culture with them".-S.Lewis

Lewis is a friend of mine. She made that comment when I said I intended to teach Mr K to cook.
"Good luck with that" she said. And the quote followed.
She's not wrong. But .. often times we have the misconception that countries have 1 homogeneous culture. When African culture Is discussed its often forgotten that Africa is a continent made up of 54 countries. Each country posessing numerous cultures, and tribes. Region by region, cultures change.. house by house also. Here in the UK many refer to British culture.. or Britishness as is the term these days. Life in London differs to life outside of London. We've heard of the north south divide, that aside I can assure you that my own street inhabits numerous cultures.

I grew up with Carribean parents, whose own culture was a mix of African, Irish, and English. Carribean culture is often described as creolized. Yet outside of my home, the culture was what was then the dominant culture. English.
The boy next door was Turkish, across the road..Jamaican.
When I think of culture I think of it as a way of life .Or the way in which we order or organize ourselves into groupings which we feel ..helps us get by, and helps us make sense of the world.
There are some cultural practices which I abhore.. or the correct term in all honesty may simply be... I don't understand.
Yet, for works.
Culture is sometimes used as an excuse for things which may have no place in today's world. I'm thinking here of oppresive practices, mistreatment of women.. that kinda thing.
But.. this post is not to judge, simply to rethink that...teaching anyone to cook will be met with enthusiasm.'d I do?

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