Sunday 8 November 2015

Who are the black hebrew Israelites?.. any why were they shouting at my friend?...

To be honest .. I'm not sure
seem to take aspects of rastafarian ideology... but not all..

example google images

Regardless of that

her encounter did kinda make me laugh though... mainly because it was her.. and if you knew her too.. you'd know why...
Apparently.. she was walking past this particular group, and heard them calling women b*****s and h**s.. (based on the dress styles of rnb and pop culture it seems)

Personally.. I would have kept walking.. but noooooo.. not Ms L
She stopped and.. commented
Very quickly they went for her verbally.. called her a 'cougar' ?! lol.. and one ended up shouting at her....."how many d**ks have you had.. how many d**ks have you had..."
exasperated she replied to him... "how many d**ks have YOUhad"...
cheeky thng

But he stopped talking.
The argument that occurred was that a woman should be silent in the presence of a man, and much much more
maybe that's why I had feminism on my mind today.. who knows..

but often....

You catch more flies with honey than with vinegar

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  1. You used one of my father's favorite sayings, Dawna. Honey works best! Quiet in the presence of a man; excuse me while I fall off my stool laughing! The PBS Newshour just came on, and it's going to have Gloria Steinem talking about feminism. How odd is that!