Tuesday 5 January 2016

Hello 2016

It's too early in the year to be messed with.

I decided to up my game and get to work earlier. I did, I left in darkness and as a result of my early start was able to leave and return home in good time.

I've definitely had better starts to the new year but I'm determined to turn things around. I've gotten to the stage where my children now display the wisdom I hope I've had a hand in instilling in them. Thank God for that.
Me?.. I'm an optimist but I'm so pissed off at the moment. I can't understand why some take kindness for weakness but I'm done trying to figure it out. Why I'm pissed off is relevant yet also irrelevant.
I have no outlet for my anger other than to write

Love u blog

Gradually my self esteem has taken a bit of a beating what with one thing or another. Perhaps giving more than I'm receiving.. perhaps I've simply ignored advice. Again.. I dont know

But the ever faithful Ti reminds me of my talents, and the many things I've done and achieved.. And the many things.. idea's I have and am yet to achieve.

"Focus on that
Be selfish for awhile
Let no one or nothing drag you down. You deserve better.."

Yes...we all do

Hello 2016. Really.. you f*****g with the wrong girl. I'm ready to be happy.
Wiser, stronger, and richer in every way
I'm honest..I still prefer things that way.. trick is to be honest yet decerning.

Happy New year x

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