Thursday 17 March 2016

'Boring' Buhari :) and a President's bickering bad ass boys

I've watched this a few times
Seriously.. I have
The 1st time, it took all my energy and concentration NOT to fall asleep. Convinced that an aspect of President Buhari's strategy is to bore us all into submission with his droll boring monotone voice..
.. 2nd time round I made it through, but was at a loss to actually work out if he had any answers to the questions posed or the problems the country faces.

There does appear to be a somewhat laissez-faire approach.. well... those who have.. have, and those who don't .. don't
O-Kay.. thank you sir

Hmmm..I do kinda like him though.. maybe I should add that :)


Over in Sierra Leone two cabinet minsters (The Minister and Deputy Minister of Social Welfare and Children’s Affairs) were recently sacked for having an argument (a public one)
'You're an opportunist!' said one
The deputy minister, apparently frustrated at his bosses attempts to halt progress....
'You are no-thing'

If ministers are not sacked for hmmm..lets say, disappearing funds, ( or not carrying out the duties required of them for example) surely a little argument isn't a deal breaker..
Not in my book anyway
Deal breakers are... an on-going lack of infrastructure after many years in office, and an overall malaise to identifiable progress across the board.. all tribes, regions and class's.

No.. the argument was kinda funny

Lack of running water.. is not.

Laissez Faire does appear to be the approach taken by many countries across, aside from conflict
But does it work?
not so well

Corruption, now that is a moral issue.
For some, corruption is a necessity, for others, it's greed.
There are those for whom corruption is simply a low wage ( or any wage) supplement
Fundamental to corruption is perhaps...fear. fear of lack , poverty and want.
But the impact of corruption once it becomes a culture, embedded in a culture, can be very great indeed.
Improvements wont be made, things just wont get done!..
and trust..will be non existent
In truth there is more than enough to go around... there really is..

Bounty Killer's no fan of politicians is he?... for years...

But as we know, Politicians are just people.
Other than education often there is little difference between the politicians, and the people they serve
Cha..let them argue..
Let's hear what they really think for a change

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