Monday 21 March 2016

On Winnie

I've been reading up on Winnie Mandela
Ti also bought me a book which includes some of the letters sent to her by Nelson when he was serving time in prison.

The media has long portrayed Winnie as more sinner than saint.. but how many of us could have endured what she did..?
Winnie fascinates me
... in a similar way to President Mugabe I guess
So, I research them both

Trying to understand her through the swaths of information out there isn't so easy though.
It never is.
Whilst I only know a small amount at present, I'm finding her story very interesting
I'm also aware that her story is possibly very similar to the story of many others (of the time) in some ways... the ones we don't hear about

Anyway, here are two mini documentaries worthy of a watch

Good interview.

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