Monday 6 February 2017

Bob Marley Day

The 6th Feb is widely recognised as Bob Marley's birthday
Which got me thinking...
Should we have national holiday to recognise the work of Marley, and the impact his message has had on the world?

Bob Marley is a musical icon, of that there is no doubt

Bob Marley raised the profile of Rastafari across the globe, even though it remains widely misunderstood in parts.
The image of the 'Rasta', recognisable worldwide, crossing gender class and 'race'

(although here in the UK there are very few visual Pasta men in positions of seniority in the corporate or financial industries, at least in academia.. they are there.

Whilst many may not share certain aspects of Marley's beliefs.. his message of love peace, and justice for oppressed people, is hardly disputed, and are definetly beliefs that most of us.. ( if not all) even more so in these troubled times.. share.

Marley opened the door for Reggae music, and many other reggae music artists
As small as Jamaica is... the impact of it's music, singers and musicians..has been huge.
Across the four corners of the globe.. to find a man woman or child who doesn't know of Bob, will be rare.

To honour his work and life with a national holiday would really be a wonderful thing.

But regardless...

His legacy lives on

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