Monday 7 May 2018

Music, Nature & Politics

Bank Holiday Monday!
more sun , more good food, more nature, may god keep the blessings coming!

I have a few tasks to complete, so currently it's form vs the sun, but I've decided to have both and complete pretty much outside. Wrap that up as soon as possible, although I do not feel rushed at all.

Congratulations to Simi for winning album of the year at this years Headies awards ceremony

It's a great album so check it out when you can

This is my favourite track off the album. It grew on me :)

Ive never worn these earrings before despite having them a few years. They're actually kinda cute in the sun don't you think?

I've watched this twice now and it's an impressive interview actually

For more information on Kingsley Moghalu [click]

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