Saturday 6 April 2019

Weekend WOW Factor - #EndSARSnow?

Nigeria's need of a cultural revolution, or awakening is upon us.
Let the countdown begin
When did pride in ones cultural identity become a crime?
When did the knowledge and teachings of Garvey, Selassie, Nkruma, Lumumba, Marley, Fanon, Machel, and so many others find itself buried under a rubble of crumbling school buildings and nonsensical law enforcement?
Is it that the ideology of Pan African or black pride movements across the United States, UK, parts of Africa, and the Caribbean faded with Fela?
Say it aint so.

So... apparently Nigeria's Anti Cultism Squad have taken it upon themselves to decree individuals with dreadlocks or tattoos... cultists.. worthy of arrest ( if they're lucky).
The fact that Nigeria needs an Anti Cultism Squad is not good to say the least, but....

Ignorance, is not bliss.

A young man named Kolade Johnson was shot and killed by an officer of this Anti Cultism Squad as he watched football.. a Tottenham match actually.
It's reported (by the police) that shots were fired ( at random) due to a dreadlocks youth seen in the area. However, the man standing next to Kolade at the time, said the officer shot directly at him.
Kolade didn't have dreadlocks.
SARS, Nigerias special anti robbery squad were responsible only weeks ago, for the shooting of a young man over less than approx £10.
SARS officers, are reportedly known for drinking , 'smoking' and extorting money from the innocent and unarmed public.

Are tattoos and dreadlocks a threat?, and excuse?, or a mere distraction?.
From what?, you may ask...
Well... from acting with impunity.
..and treating the people they are meant to serve with abject disregard

Condolences to the family and friends of that young man.
Even though it can never be enough.
It's simply not good enough.

We've all seen the recent video of a woman beating a naked woman across a compound over a man. Another video of two men whipping their own sister for alleged adultery, and another video of two men who stripped a woman naked in the street, beat her and inserted god knows what into her private parts, all because they claim she stole a phone.
Jungle justice, has become a part of the 'culture' of many African countries. It's barbaric, and has no place in the 21st century. Or any century for that matter.. or any society.

Dreadlocks and tattoos are an intergral aspect of the 'African identity' truth be told.
Nowadays it's simply fashion.
Perhaps we need to place our focus in the right areas, and reawaken to the teaching of our earlier leaders, teachers, and artists, all of whom seem now to have been well ahead of their time.
Bless them.
Stop this nonsense. no more drunken or high armed police on the streets.
Yet can we blame them?. Not entirely... the IG has questions to answer.
As does the No1 citizen. The President.


Leader of the EndSARS Movement - Segun Awosanya

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