Sunday 1 November 2020

What President Buhari failed to notice

One thing the Presidents Advisor, failed to inform him on, is that the African diaspora is far more informed and far more connected than either of them could have ever imagined. The entire 'Presidency' failed to read the mood of the people. I wonder how it could have been possible, for any of the current crop of leaders to overlook the unity that exists between the people of Nigeria, and the international community. Nigerian artists are loved the world over. It's spiritual. Singers, musicians and artists are the true bastians and existential custodians of culture, and often resonate futher and far more effectively the old colonial styled paramount chiefs. Harm to one, is harm to all. Had the President been made aware.. he would have known that to attempt to disparage the international community, would only serve to prove, how out of touch he has become. ** Article: Chieftaincy and Security in Nigeria Past, Present, and Future

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