Monday, 1 April 2013

All in.. It's April

Had an odd morning.
Was sure someone played an April fools joke on me, but they say not.
Yet even now I'm not sure.
I waited awhile for the lol.. but it didn't come, hasn't come, so who knows. No other information was forthcoming.

I'm not entirely sure I believe that things happen by chance. All is for a reason.
What that reason is.. often times I'm not sure.
Happy April all


  1. On April 1st one of the best salespeople on my staff came to me and gave me his resignation with tears in his eyes. Five minutes later he came back laughing......saying April Fool.

    I just wish that one of the others, who aren't quite as good had pulled that. I would have accepted their resignation and told them that I refused to have them rescind it with laughter.

  2. That's funny Reggie .. my guess is I bet they know that, so wouldn't even dare!