Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Points on a compass

Within minutes of sitting down this evening I remembered why I was sitting where I was sitting, and it felt right.
To be honest it didn't take long..
I've been mulling over things I've learnt of late, as I now must begin to define my research question. I have many points of interest , but I really want to feel happy with my selection.
It can be isolating studying in the evenings, but equally, there are times when that isolation is spot on... Just what is needed, to think, and really absorb what I'm learning.
What was interesting was when asked about my idea tonight, I was able to provide an explanation I really didn't even realise I had to be honest. It was logical, and interesting, and being able to speak about it, voice it out loud.. helped a great deal.
Lecturer spoke for 5mins before it all came back to me. Why I love what I'm doing, and why it's important to me, even if it is hard work at times. He was passionate about his work, his specialism, and that energy usually spills over.

It's true what he said.. there's a reason we were sitting there.. and whilst our reasons may differ somewhat.. to each of us.. its a meaningful endeavour, and inspiring to hear what others were also thinking about.
Focus renewed.. I enjoyed the session


  1. man I could do with some isolation from the office, the racket around me (client meetings, phone calls) means I can't get anything done.

    keep your focus up

  2. Can take alot of practice to block out noise huh.. doesn't always work