Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Thoughts of pretty things..

Like most women, I like nice things, and I'm really looking forward to buying a new wardrobe.
Or at the very least least..clearing and updating the one I have. I have really nice things I've never worn, and other things I've worn too much... go figure..
I don't want, or need lots of things, clothes or shoes.. just enough.

I'd like a nice silver charm bracket - and will buy a new charm every time I achieve something special
What am I waiting for?

I'm a bit busy at the moment - so have to be as disciplined as I can in order to get things done.
Yet it's there.. lurking in the background.. the lure of the pretty thing.

I look at the clothes on the catwalk at times, and think, these are so beautiful... yet by the time they hit the high street they're usually a poor copy.. cheaper materials.. etc etc, and oddly enough the high street doesn't cater that well for tall women.
Still.. if you're patient and take time, you can find some really nice one off's..

As it is.. I'm working here in my shorts and a t..
I will get this done .. and TopShop will be mine....................again

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