Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Days like this

I've just heard from Ti that his best friend is in hospital. He's unconscious.
Apparently he has just been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. Corey is studying Law at Brunel. He's an A* student, gaining A*'s in both GCSEs and A levels.
I've now been told that he may have brain damage. He has swelling.
I'm gutted. His family...
I've had a horrible few days.
This is the worst.
He's a lovely young man.. and I'm always happy to see him and Ti together.
Get well soon Corey. We're all praying for you.

Why is life so messed up at times?.

I feel a bit scared to be honest, sad for Corey, sad for Ti. Ti has type 1 diabetes too, but it's under control and he's had it since he was 7. I know he feels vulnerable right now, we're together in that (he's kinda shut down and wont talk)
:-( and you all know Ti's a talker right?. We can't go to see him yet, waiting for the go ahead.
As I said.. horrible few days.

April has gotten off to a very odd start
What will tomorrow bring?

I know everyday wont be all great and plain sailing, yet oddly enough.. when things are good they're really good.. when they're awful.. they can be bloody awful.
My mission right now is regain perspective..get centred again, be hopeful, positive, strong for Ti, open to the good things, and summon the strength to overcome the current difficulties.

Oh, and thank you for being there.....

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  1. That sounds awful, I'm really sorry to hear that.