Saturday, 1 June 2013

Being Human

Some claim to be able to see spirits. I do not claim such a thing...but neither will I deny the claims of those that do.
I do think we can feel spirits.. we posses the ability to feel the spiritual aura of those around us all the time.. pleasant, and unpleasant.
There are times when what is said, is incongruent with the message of the spirit.. what the soul of another is telling you.
Maybe to feel.. is to see.
Feeling, enables us to experience a deep connection to our highest..the highest. Feeling, enables us to take music (for example) from a simple art of hearing something.. to feeling truly moved by something deep down. Music, is designed to be felt.
Without the ability to feel.. we are empty.
Empty vessels cannot be filled by man made gains, but by spiritual nourishment and the fulfilment of love.

One of life's main challenges will always be.. to stop being an ass.. and to go.. or look..a little deeper.

Hope you have a happy Saturday.. enjoy the sun - seems it will be warm again in London x

wire it up, open the doors, let the sun in, feel this x.

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