Sunday, 9 June 2013

Lazy days

It's a somewhat gloomy weather day today,and i'm minutes away from putting the heating on, still.. Sundays are nice days to chill indoors, if so inclined.
I'm having a lazy day, and lazy days are quite nice from time to time. The trick is.. if there is one.. to commit to them. I find that as women ( not sure about men as they seem to commit to them very well when they choose..).. women tend to have one leg in.. and the other out... therefore, our lazy days tend to consist of doing the housework etc, and then.. having a lazy day, breaking off every so often to do a few other niggling chores.. or quite frankly ,searching for, and finding, things to do, all the while admonishing ourselves for being so lazy

It's how we've been socialized.. and we can internalize guilt like you wouldn't believe..
but maybe that's just me..

So, whilst i'll admit to being non committal at the start, for the next hour or so, I shall enjoy the sofa..moving no further than the kitchen for reasons purely assigned to the making of tea, then back again.. phones an arm stretch away, remotes by my side, laptop close at hand.
It's been awhile, but an afternoon nap may even be on the cards.
Even Ti's tryna get in on the action.. chillin' in my chill zone..

Well..some sweet music to take me there...
Okay Jamaica boy..

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