Friday, 28 June 2013

The stone that the builder refuse

Well.. it's certainly been a busy week. Finding time to fit in as much as possible, and as little as possible.
I remember once (many many years ago) I had a doll, all big eyed and curly haired. It was marketed as a 'walking doll'.. yet..it never walked.. unaided. In reality, you had to hold onto the the shoulders, then wiggle it from side to side, in an attempt to 'flick' each foot forward. It's pretty much the kind of thing a child will do with any child's doll.
False advertising.
Do you ever wonder about the false advertising that occurs each and every day?
Ever wonder if we as people falsely advertise ourselves?.. and if so why?
That's okay
It's pretty standard from time to time.. others will say human nature..necessary on occasion( agree or not)
The news this week has featured further whistle-blowing tales, austerity measures, uprisings, war and conflict pretty much across the globe.
Life in a goldfish bowl?.. or a pressure cooker?
Time to scale down perhaps.. re-evaluate again.. then reevaluate some more
The full moon the week.. was especially bright
It's true that all that glitters is not gold
What do you value most?

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