Wednesday, 6 November 2013

I am

It's been a long day, but a good day.
A thoughtful day, and a day to be at peace.
I am reminded that there isn't a person on the planet that hasn't been hurt before
hasn't been let down before
hasn't been lied to before
and hasn't felt the impact of another's intentional or even unintentional spiteful act/s
Let them be
You'll be just fine
Somewhere on this blog is the saying that you should 'never take someones kindness for weakness'.. and it's true.

I spoke to a woman on the phone today, and she began to cry.
I will see her (all being well) tomorrow. I wont plan what to say.. I rarely do, but I know that the words (if they are needed) .. will come.
When I thought of her this evening, I thought of the phrase..'For even thought I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil'
I trust that all will be well for her, and with her.

I got to French class early tonight, and the hours went by quickly. Sitting in the canteen, I was able to take in the sounds of silence, even amidst the noise, and hear what it had to say.

I pondered on this today...

But is it?

It's a quote that is often misappropriated.. misunderstood
at it's worst.. it can open the door to selfishness.. and selfish inconsiderate deeds.
However.. when you love yourself.. as in the truth of who you are, everything changes, and you can truly extend that love
Find peace with it
After a storm there must be a calm
after the tears.. a smile returns
Look up, and let love.. real love, look back at you

The strength of a woman.. her softness, beauty.. wisdom.. ability to love, to care, our seeming complexities...the ability to feel.. is testimony to our connection to a higher power, one which goes straight to the source.
Many times I've been told.. not everyone who smiles at you is your friend.. and not everyone who scowls.. is your enemy.
The wisdom is knowing which is which
and that may take time.
Fun, funny fruitful and fearless
Love will never leave you

I know one thing.. which differs in essence to the above picture quote..
I am me.. and that's..enough.
Night x


  1. Lately I have been reading books by Brene Brown. She writes about accepting ourselves right now. Not in 20 pounds or after we get a better job or a new car or a house in a good neighbourhood. Right now. Today. It is a hard concept for me to grasp but I am trying. Thanks for the reminder.

    1. Every so often.. i need a reminder too Birdie

  2. A thoughtful and beautiful post, Dawna!

  3. I really like this posters, a note to self