Saturday, 16 November 2013

The Butler

I went to see the Butler today.

To be honest, I thought about it all the way home

I found it to be a very moving film. A reminder of those amazing people who suffered so greatly, to make this world a better place. To stand for something, to risk it all, knowing the fight would be tough. The sacrifices made.. regardless of whether they towed the line.. or not. The 'internal' conflicts that arose, the very real, and very understandable..fear.

As I sat down I wondered why there seemed to be an increase of films of this genre.. you know.. African slave trade,racism, segregation, oppression,

But as the film began I wondered no more. We live with it's legacy. We live with it everyday, and to be frank, there are some things that shouldn't be forgotten. Some things we should never take for granted.
We need films like this, some of us perhaps more than others, I guess as a wake up, shake up reminder that there's more to life than bricks and mortar, materialism, greed, and superficial pursuits. Balance.. is everything.

We've come a long way in many respects..
Yet we've also lost a hell of a lot..
and yes I know.. not everyone will see it that way, but the 'truth' is out there, as plain as day

Tell you something.. I can't quite explain it.. but watching this film, made me feel glad.. to be me. I understood me.. that much more.
We hunger for more than food


Nice surprise to see the UK's Aml Ameen.. as a young Cecile Gaines, alongside an absolute stellar cast.

I would highly recommend this film
It will make you think if nothing else
After all..'What does it profit a man to gain the whole world.. but lose his soul..'
..This film has soul..

Couldn't leave it without a song.. so here's a song from the movie
Overall - The Butler? - 10/10.


  1. We saw The Butler too and loved it! Forest Whitaker and Oprah both gave wonderful performances. Much to think about in that film about how oppression is overcome incrementally, so incrementally, with such great sacrifice. And of course it's a continuing process today as well.

    1. True Debra. A truly dignified performance by Forest Whitaker, and Oprah's performance was indeed wonderful. Lenny Kravitz and Cuba Gooding Jr also stood out for me ,but the entire cast was spot on. Quality. Step by Step, little by little, the film I felt helped to remind us that this is recent history, The complexities of the changing politics and personalities of the US presidents was also well done.

  2. I've read some reviews that have said it's not that good, but I never listen to that kind of thing anyway, same with music, I like what I like and that's it. I really want to see this film, because the message is so important. Looks like it has an excellent cast too. Thanks for your excellent review.

  3. Well I gotta watch anything with Forest! I don't normally go to the cinema but might do for this!

    1. I recommend... will love to hear what you make of it. Forest is sterling in this!. The last film I saw him in was Last King of Scotland where he played Idi Amin. Forest is an acting giant. Love him.

  4. I didn't read any of the reviews (may have a look now) and I only watched cast interviews late last night after seeing the film. like you Joe, I like what I like..I went with an open mind,and am glad I did. I shifted uncomfortably in my chair a few times truth be told..all very meaningful. After you get to see it, be nice to know what you think. and yes.. great cast

  5. I've been wanting to see that movie. Good to see a positive review!

  6. I ve looked at a few now.. and mine is definitely positive in comparison to many. Hope you see it Dana.. it's better than the poor reviews :)

  7. I hope - if we are faithful to share the stories - we'll offer a firm foundation for following generations - maybe it's a way to encourage Peace - for the future . . .

    I Hope

  8. I think so Maggid..
    I hope so too..