Wednesday, 20 November 2013


An american professor who lectures on Marxism poses this question to his students..
'If you didn't have to work.. what would you do?.. how would you spend your time.. your day/s?'

Then.. as the students begin to think about it, and come up with answers ( which takes a while) he begins his lecture.

On the way home I pondered on this..

If you could do anything at all.. whatever you liked.. what would you do, and why?.
Equally.. what wouldn't you do.. and why?.
A good way to discover who you are.. perhaps even the meaning, and purpose..of you

Ti thought it funny to throw two of his olives at me just now. "Clearly" I said " you have too many on your plate!. you're abusing the olives.. You see, maybe that's what happens, when you have too much of something".


  1. I saw that video on YouTube and loved it. I think more and less of what already do funny enough. But much more of certain things and much less of others. I would have said travel but right now the thought f it is too tiring...

  2. I would learn and study and travel the world.

  3. Easy question for me. My two passions- Writing, and cooking/baking. Those things I would do ( and have done) for free. Weekly, the Sales Dept at my job, and neighbors are getting cakes, cupcakes, pies, casseroles, etc that I've made, for free and without them asking. And for every birthday, my family and friends get their own poem that I've written.

  4. Too much of something . . . you have given me a lot to think about . . .
    Happy Day to YOU!!!